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2021: Discover the Art of Eyebrows & Trending Shapes

| Victoria Zurakowski

2021: Discover the Art of Eyebrows & Trending Shapes

If Eyes Are The Window To The Soul, Eyebrows Are The Curtains

2020 wasn’t a stellar year. Understatement? Let’s be honest, it’s probably a year we’d all like to forget. Not much good has come from the pandemic, but there have been a few things that have benefitted from this time of no makeup and loungewear, and this includes our brows. From waxing to eyebrow tinting to threading – who knew that it was going to take a global crisis to finally give our brows a much-needed break?

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve 100% missed our regular eyebrow tinting appointments along with our other regular beauty treatments, but at the same time, we’ve also finally learned how to embrace more of a low-maintenance life.

As we re-enter the real world again, eyebrow tinting and eyebrow maintenance will take some getting used to again. But our lack of eyebrow care during our numerous lockdowns has also seen not one eyebrow trend for 2021 emerging, but several – we like to call these post-pandemic brows.

Here are some of the most popular eyebrow trends for 2021…

Geolift Eyebrows

One of the latest brow trends for 2021 is the Geolift brow. This brow trend is a more refined version of the post-pandemic feathery brows.

For some serious eyebrow inspiration, check out Cara Delevingne, Zendaya, and Lily Collins.

This post-pandemic brow trend brings together geometry with a significant lift (hence the name Geolift brows) while still maintaining that natural fluffy eyebrow look.

With a little bit of patience and a steady hand, Geolift brows can be achieved at home. There’s no need for eyebrow tinting – if you’ve already got ample eyebrows, all you need is a brow mascara to create a denser, more contoured look. If your brows are sparser, use an eyebrow grooming gel and either a fine eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to fill in the underneath hairs.

The Geolift brow-loving girl wears minimal makeup, simple up-dos, and loose-fitting, relaxed clothes like quirky printed jumpsuits paired with blazers or a plain-colored Roman-inspired tunic with braided, strappy sandals – somewhere in between bohemian and flirty. She loves to have fun and explore the world – she’s a little bit of wanderlust, but at the same time, she’s serious and is focused on work.

Au Natural Eyebrows

Another 2021 spring/summer eyebrow trend is the Au Natural brow. All-natural brows were ideal during the lockdown as they made DIY brow maintenance seem like a walk in the park.

Otherwise known as the “undone brow”, au natural brows, inspired by Lily-Rose Depp, is the perfect way to embrace natural beauty without having to worry about your monthly eyebrow tinting appointments at the salon.

Undone brows require little to no effort. All you need to do is take a spoolie brush (brow brush) and run it through your brows. Keep your makeup light and minimal to go for a fresh look instead of a completely unfinished one.

Girls who love undone brows are lively and brave. She wears flowers in her hair, loves floral patterns, and femininity comes naturally to her. From bold flower printed dresses to tiered ditsy print dresses that pack a fruity punch, you can guarantee that the girl sporting the natural brow trend will certainly be bringing a sense of mood-lifting to wherever she goes.

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Thinned Eyebrows

Another brow trend influenced by the pandemic is thinned brows. These are perfect if you haven’t been naturally blessed with Cara Delevigne’s beautiful bushy brows.

Take inspo from the 90s without relying on beauty products and eyebrow tinting to fill them up – just work with what you’ve got and use a little brow gel to fluff them up.

Kate Moss and Rhianna are the ultimate style icons for this 2021 eyebrow trend, so it’s no surprise that thinned-browed girls gravitate towards a glamorous style, fitted body-hugging dresses and accessories that add a little bit of an edge like wide-brimmed Panama hats.

Bleached Eyebrows

An unlikely beauty trend for 2021, bleached eyebrows takes eyebrow tinting to a whole new realm of possibilities. Creating a bold contrast to thick fluffy brows, the barely-there eyebrow look is also a thing.

Bleached brows have grown so much in popularity, Instagram bleached eyebrow searches have shot up to a staggering 160%.

Some of the world’s coolest celebs have been spotted with bleached eyebrows, including Hayley Bieber and Katy Perry. The bleached eyebrow trend isn’t completely novel (Alexander Wang’s models in his 2018 runway show all had platinum blonde brows), but more and more fashion-forward women are bleaching their eyebrows to create an enviable avant-garde look.

While we think it may be possible to bleach your own eyebrows, we don’t recommend it. You might have to do a bit of research and look for a more modern brow bar or beauty salon that specializes in this 2021 eyebrow trend.

Girls who favor eyebrow tinting and bleached blonde brows dare to be different. They have their style, which is often described between the rock n roll look and a pageant beauty queen. So, in this case – just about anything goes as long as you’ve got the confidence to pull it off. Simple black dresses can be dressed up and down, perfect for women that like a bit of gothic glam. Combat boots, stacked silver bracelets, and beaded clutches are all part and parcel of the bleached brow babe.

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Red Eyebrows

If you were alive in the 80s and remember Boy George, you might recall that he rocked some killer colored eyebrows. Well, 30+ years later, they’re back, but this time in a slightly more minimalist way.

Using a red eyebrow color (or any other eyebrow dye for that matter) is perfect as it washes away, so it’s not difficult to get back to your natural shade.

We love those girls that aren’t afraid to express themselves through their style. The girls that aren’t scared about contrasting their red eyebrows with their hair are adventurous, creative, and bold, which is why they’re unflinching when it comes to their style and color choices – the more vibrant the better. Think tribal-inspired kimonos in brilliant colors, dreamy tie-dyed maxis, or clashing accessories like this wide-brimmed hat in terracotta.

Rainbow Eyebrows

This unexpected beauty trend takes eyebrow color to the next level. Instagram and Pinterest are awash with rainbow eyebrows and crazy-looking eyebrow dyes.

This bold eyebrow trend of 2021 first appeared in 2016, but it’s seemingly back with a vengeance and it’s a case of eyebrow tinting gone mad.

A simple hashtag search of #RainbowBrows will soon find you swooning over picture-perfect selfies featuring gradient brows and colorful eyebrow dyes.

This non-permanent eyebrow trend is perfect for anyone who likes to be different and brighten up their daily lives with a touch of color, in this case, eyebrow tint colors. From pink brows to turquoise brows to glitter brows – you name it and you’ll find that rainbow brows cover every shade known to humankind.

Girls with rainbow eyebrows know just how important it is to maintain their individuality, which is why almost anything goes when it comes to their fashion choices. Making a statement and matching eyebrow color to outfits is also big right now. Pink brows are great with pink dresses and bright-colored accessories like this turquoise shawl look gorgeous with those rainbow eyebrows that feature blues and greens.

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The great news is that most of these eyebrow trends for 2021 are achievable at home. Whether you want to go for a fuller brow, rainbow eyebrows, or get a little bit of eyebrow tinting done, you’ll still be bang on trend and we love that there are numerous brow trends to choose from. We love defined brows, but we’re also all for embracing and experimenting with a little bit of eyebrow tinting and different eyebrow colors. Rainbow eyebrows, anyone?

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