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Dressing Up for Adventure: The 6 Best Outfits for a Desert Safari

| Belle Bhogal

Dressing Up for Adventure: The 6 Best Outfits for a Desert Safari

Whether you’re going on an activity-filled desert safari, or just looking to have a chill day by the dunes, your outfit has to be on point. After all, there’s no better backdrop for aesthetic Instagram photos than the beautiful golden sand of the Arabian desert.

Undeniably, a desert safari is a perfect opportunity to flaunt your chic taste, take a little fashion risk and put on an amazing outfit that will leave no one doubting your sense of style.

The great thing about wearing the best outfit for a desert safari is that you can mix and match your favourite summer tops and bottoms to come up with a stylish ensemble no matter your planned activities.


Putting Together the Perfect Desert Safari Outfit

Coming up with a stylish desert safari outfit is easy whether you’re using your current wardrobe collection or you’re planning on shopping for new clothes. Read below to discover statement pieces and closet must-haves to build a trend-worthy ensemble for your desert wilderness adventure:


1. Stay chic with a jumpsuit or classic linen dress.

Jumpsuits have been trending these past few years since they are one of the most popular outfits among celebrities, whether they’re going to a gala or the gym. Since a jumpsuit is a versatile piece, you can definitely wear it on a desert safari.

For your Dubai safari tour, choose a compression jumpsuit. This piece offers a unique combination of style, comfort and functionality, allowing you to move freely, stay comfortable and look chic whether you’re dune bashing or exploring the desert on foot.

Our compression Terry Scoop black jumpsuit is perfect for an adventure since it’s versatile and figure-flattering. It’s also easy to put on and take off, a big plus when you want to change outfits in the desert. For a quick change of look or if you get chilly in the cool desert nights, add a classic linen shirt over the jumpsuit.

You can also never go wrong with a classic short linen dress for your desert safari tour. If you’re going for a more relaxing desert experience, this stylish and timeless piece is right for you.

Accessorise and take your outfit to the next level with a black fedora hat, a statement gold clutch bag, chunky gold crystal earrings and classic white satin sneakers with a modern twist. 


2. Stand out with a spliced shirt and matching short set.

If you want to show off your whimsical side, put on a spliced shirt and shorts for the safari. These bold, colourful patterned pieces are perfect to achieve a more adventurous look.

Our Acadian spliced shirt and Acadian spliced relaxed shorts come in vibrant, eye-catching colours. These are made of cotton, allowing you to have a breathable top and bottom that feel cool and comfy even when you’re under the scorching desert sun.

For a stylish desert safari ensemble, add extra flair with a muted-pattern tote bag, raffia visor, and a classic mini-pearl necklace.

Complete your outfit with a pair of chic satin sneakers or classic combat boots for ultimate wearability.


3. Keep it flirty with a maxi dress.

If you’re looking for desert safari outfit ideas that’ll give you that classy, feminine vibe, go for an embroidered maxi dress.

A maxi dress keeps you cool and comfy, which is crucial for the dry, hot desert environment. Its relaxed fit lets you move freely, making it easy for you to explore the area. The outfit’s long length also protects you from the harsh elements.

Our Poppy black pearl maxi dress is an excellent option for your upcoming desert safari. It is a free-flowing, A-line dress that accentuates your figure. Its beautiful design won’t fail to turn heads and make all your photos Instagram-worthy.

Elevate your look with one or two jade wrap bracelets, leather slide sandals, and a patterned beach bag. Put your hair up with a jumbo classic claw clip for a cool, sophisticated hairdo.


4. Stick to the classics with a khaki shirt and shorts set.

A desert safari demands an attire that combines comfort with practicality, making a khaki outfit an excellent choice.

Khaki is a light, breathable fabric that helps protect your skin from the desert sun while allowing air circulation to keep you cool. It’s versatile and durable, ensuring you have a stylish and practical outfit in the blazing environment.

If you want to channel a true-blue adventure vibe, go for a full khaki set. Team our Tyde khaki shirt with a pair of shorts of the same fabric.

For a comfy and laid-back ensemble, pair your outfit with animal print slide sandals, a wide-brim hat and an olive green tote bag. Give your overall look a touch of elegance with a gold lion pendant necklace.


5. Show off your impeccable taste with a chemisier dress.

If your desert safari tour includes dinner and evening entertainment, a chemisier dress is the perfect outfit you can wear from day to night.

The style and fit of a chemisier makes it a comfortable dress to wear to your safari. Its length, which is not too high or too low, lets you don a modest outfit suitable for all the activities on your itinerary.

Our Puglia chemisier with a roundish hem is one of the best clothes to wear on a desert safari in Dubai. It’s made of breathable fabric and sleeves you can roll up and down depending on your preference.

Wear a pair of Havaianas slim flip flops and a wide-brim black hat to complete your attire. A small tote bag and a white and gold necklace can elevate your outfit.


6. Be ready for adventure with a bold playsuit.

With its all-in-one design, a playsuit eliminates the need to coordinate separate pieces, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead. Its versatility also makes it the ideal attire for transitioning from day to evening, ensuring you’re prepared for any type of desert excursion.

Playsuits come in a variety of fabrics, making it easy for you to find a lightweight one that can keep you cool and dry throughout your desert outing. They also come in a range of designs and styles, which means you won’t have any difficulty choosing one that suits your fashion sensibilities.

If you’re leaning towards a modest playsuit, opt for our flared sleeve playsuit with Dhaka print. This is made of organic cotton, hand-printed, with a metallic trim at the waist, giving you a sophisticated look even when you’re out in the desert.

Complete your look with a knitted clutch bag, wide-brim hat, gold loop earrings and versatile white satin sneakers.

With these six outfit options, you can look incredible, feel comfortable and enjoy your desert safari from start to end.

Look for more outfits perfect for desert safaris on our latest fashion collection page.

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