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The Best Hats for UAE Beaches

| Belle Bhogal

The Best Hats for UAE Beaches

When the scorching UAE sun beats down on you, a reliable hat becomes your beachside best friend. With temperatures soaring from 34°C to 42°C during the summer, staying cool and protected at the beach is extremely important. Moreover, the best hats are those that offer protection from the sun but also complement your beach look.

In this article, we'll present a list of stylish and functional beach hats to choose from. All of our picks are sure to keep you cool and comfortable under the sun.

1. Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat

Wide-brimmed hats are a classic choice for beachgoers seeking shade from the sun. These hats typically feature a broad brim that’s large enough to shade your face, neck, and shoulders. The sheer size of a wide-brimmed sun hat provides ample protection from the sun, helping prevent sunburn and heat stroke. 

Wide-brimmed hats are also the best beach hats for a glamorous and chic look. So, they’re not only practical but also stylish, making them the perfect accessory for a beach outfit. 

2. Floppy Hat

Floppy hats are a great way to beat the heat and give you a stylish, bohemian look. These hats are characterized by their soft, floppy brims that effectively shade your face and neck. They’re also made of lightweight materials, like cotton or polyester, that keep you cool in the sun.

Additionally, floppy hats are the best hats for adding grace to your beach ensemble. These hats are available in various sizes and patterns, allowing you to express your personal style creatively.

3. Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are easy-to-wear, no-fuss head coverings suitable for people of all ages. Their practical design consists of a slouchy-shaped and downward-sloping brim that covers the head, neck, and ears. Adding to their versatility is an inner sweatband that prevents the hat from slipping off your head.

Usually, these bucket hats are made up of strong, stretchy fabrics like denim or tweed. The material lets you snugly fit your head into the bucket hat without losing its original shape. So, if you’re looking for something stylish as well as durable, bucket hats are the perfect option.

4. Straw Hats

Straw hats are a timeless and versatile option when looking for hats in Dubai. They’re either made from raffia or natural straw, which are incredibly lightweight and breathable. These materials allow for airflow, keeping your head cool in the hot UAE weather. Additionally, the wide brim provides excellent sun protection.

Straw hats not only provide shade but also add rural charm to your beach look. They come in a variety of styles, including fedoras, boater hats, and Panama hats. This way, you’ll have more to choose from to complement your beach attire. 

5. Baseball Cap

If you’re trying out a more sporty and casual look, baseball caps are the best hats in this case. They’re designed with a curved brim, providing shade for your face and shielding your eyes from the sun's glare. The structured crown offers a comfortable and secure fit, making it ideal for workouts and other beach activities.

Additionally, baseball caps are small enough to pack and carry around. This makes it convenient for beachgoers who carry a lot of items for their outings.

6. Visor Hat

Visors are a fantastic option for those who want to protect themselves from the sun while keeping their head cool. Similar to a baseball cap, visors feature a wide and curved brim at the front that shades your face. However, the hat's top part is absent, exposing your head to the air.

For a tighter fit, visor hats usually come with adjustable straps. So whether you’re lounging or playing beach sports, visors are among the best hats to wear at the beach.

When it comes to choosing the best hat for UAE beaches, consider both style and functionality. Additionally, you should opt for hats that offer ample sun protection and breathability to keep you cool on the beach. Plus, wear your hats for longer and learn how to keep hats clean and sand-free on UAE beaches by researching cleaning tips for each hat material you choose.

If you're looking for the most trendy beach hats in Dubai, check out Sand Dollar. Whether you prefer wide-brimmed hats, visors, or straw hats, we have a wide range to suit your requirements.

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