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Long Distance Gift Ideas For Him, Her And Them

| Victoria Zurakowski

Long Distance Gift Ideas For Him, Her And Them

Discover Some Of Our Picks For Long Distance Gifts

They say distance makes your heart grow fonder, and in most cases it does. Whether it’s a long distance love, a long distance friend or a long distance family member, it’s important to show them how much you’re thinking about them. Yes, FaceTime and WhatsApp are great ways of speaking in real-time with your loved ones, but sometimes it’s a nice idea to show them how much they truly mean to you by sending them some surprise long distance gifts because there’s nothing quite like emptying your mailbox to discover a little something special in your post.

You can, of course, send long distance gifts for specific occasions such as birthdays or Valentine’s Day, but who says you need a reason? You could just be simply posting distance gifts to say “I love you” or “I’ve been thinking of you”

Giving gifts is a long tradition, and the advances in technology and transport have made it much easier to send long distance gifts as well.

When you send long distance gifts for him or her, you ultimately make the recipient happier. Sending long distance gifts is a subtle way of showing you care, and the more personalised the long distance present is, the better.

Long Distance Friendship Gifts

When your bestie lives far away, it’s always nice to find different ways of letting them know that they’re in your thoughts with some long distance friendship gifts.

If you’re a bit stuck about buying a long distance gift for her or him, you can go one of two ways – you can buy a sentimental long distance present for him or her that tugs on their heartstrings or you can go down the sensible route and find a meaningful but practical long distance friendship gift that nods towards your common interests.

Here are a few ideas for long distance gifts that cover all bases from self-care gifts to heartwarming long distance presents to quirky long distance gifts for him. Your long distance friendship parcel might include a few gifts that conjure up memories of previously shared hometowns, schools, or old hobbies for example.

Skincare items are the perfect long distance gift for your best friend if she’s into beauty or simply just needs pampering. Make sure you set her up with some good skincare products. Be sure to include Bali Body BB cream that acts as a foundation, an anti-ageing moisturizer, and an SPF sun cream all in one – your friend will love how this product gives her a natural and flawless-looking complexion. And if she’s longing for some fun in the sun, but she just can’t have it, why not add some Bali Body shimmering oil to complete her long distance care package?

Matching bestie necklaces is a thoughtful long distance present for her. Forget the small kitsch broken love hearts that say “BFF”, instead find her something a little bit more meaningful, something that you’re both likely to wear like this elegant beaded chain heart necklace from Ibu Jewels.  

Scented candles may seem clichéd, but when you think about this long distance gift idea for friends, you can easily add a lot more meaning. Because scents have the power to evoke memories, why not find them a scented candle that acts as a poignant reminder of your old haunts or somewhere that you both cherish? At Sand Dollar Dubai, we adore Cochine scented candles – they’re stylish and an easy way to help your friend enrich their home with sweet memorable scents. With over 50 hours of burn time, we can assure that with the right scent, they’ll be able to create an evocative atmosphere.

Giving friendship bracelets as gifts is a sweet tradition that has been around for a few hundred years. A Friendship bracelet is a small but beautiful keepsake – it’s also one of the best long distance gifts for friends because it’s so easy to wrap up and send abroad. Friendship bracelets come in many forms from your more traditional braided and beaded friendship bracelets to the more extravagant, luxurious ones, such as this adjustable Angelina Swarovski crystal bracelet from Caroline Svedbom.

On the subject of giving bracelets as a long distance friendship gift, why not send a DIY friendship kit. There’s something extra special about making your gifts or sharing a craft project with someone close to you. Your long distance friend is bound to love this chic DIY Akola paper beaded friendship kit that comes with enough material to create seven bracelets. Alternatively, you could try having a go at making them yourself and send out several long distance gifts to your nearest and dearest.

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Long Distance Gifts For Her

Perhaps you’ve got a long distance girlfriend or a sister or mum abroad; whoever it is, there are so many cute long distance gifts for her to let her know you’re thinking of them. From kitsch stationery to personalised gift boxes to unique purses to even an adopt-a-sloth set (yes, you read correctly… “Adopt a sloth”)…the list is endless.

Sending long distance gifts to her will fill you with absolute pleasure because you know how amazing it feels to receive a gift from someone special to you.

If one of her main mantras is “the only BS I need in my life is Bags and Shoes” then you can’t go wrong with a cute bag. Bags and purses make for good presents for her because they’re also functional. And every time she carries her new detailed luxury clutch or woven shell-adorned basket bag from Le Nine, she’s going to immediately think of you.

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On the subject of shoes – what woman doesn’t love footwear? At Sand Dollar Dubai we think it’s OK to be a little obsessed with shoes, but not any ole’ shoes – they have to special, shoes that she can’t perhaps buy where she is or shoes that compliment her personality in some way or another. Shoes as long distance gifts are also pretty easy to wrap if they come in a standard shoebox, making it so much easier to send overseas. These intricately beaded Anemone sandals from Elina Linardaki are for the fun-loving, free-spirited boho girl that owns her own style. Or if she’s more of a homebody or being forced to remain indoors at the moment, how about a pair of luxury slippers to make everything a little more comfortable?

So, about those sloths…they’re cute right? Well, if she’s a sloth lover or a conservationist, she’ll absolutely love this amazing “adopt a sloth” present. It’s also a great idea for distance gifts because there’s no postage involved. All it takes is choosing a sloth to adopt through SloCo, which is a registered sloth conservation charity. Your loved one will instantly become a mum to a sloth and receive cards, letters, posters, and certificates on their sloth’s wellbeing.

Perfume has always been a favourite gift to give whether it’s a present for someone who’s not too far from you or a long distance gift for her. However, buying perfume also comes with a warning. Experts say you need to do your homework first – such as finding her likes and dislikes and what not. But you can easily get around this by sending a Sephora sampler box. Not only will she get to discover seven new fragrances, but she’ll also have the chance to redeem a full-size version of her favourite one from any Sephora store worldwide. This is an example of the gift that keeps on giving.

Long Distance Gifts For Him

Buying gifts for him can be difficult enough, but long distance gifts for him? Well, this is a whole new ball game. You may have a boyfriend, husband, brother, close male friend, or dad abroad, and that’s great, but it doesn’t mean you have to send him the same old clichéd “man gift” of socks.

No matter what gender you’re buying for when you’re buying your long distance gifts, it’s imperative to put some thought into the gift. So, if you’re in a bit of a predicament when thinking about what long distance gifts for him you can purchase online to send, start with the number one rule – what does he like?

Buying distance gifts for a special man in your life doesn’t have to be hard. Take everything back to basics and think about him, as a person. Because if you’re that close, you know this.

Is he a surfer? A bit of a beach bum? A beach volleyball enthusiast? A lover of travel? If you’ve answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, he’s going to be super easy to buy for as one of the best long distance gift ideas for men are swimming shorts, trunks, board shorts, or whatever you prefer to call them. Coming in a range of sizes and funky designs, he’s going to love a pair of Joe Pavana swim shorts.

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When you’re buying long distance gifts for men, you’ve got to let go of the stereotypes – just because he’s a man, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate (or like) decent footwear. Most men love shoes (okay, okay maybe not as much as us, but they do). Flip flops are so versatile and depending on where he lives, they can be worn to multiple locations – they’re not just for the beach. Another great thing about flip flops as distance gifts is they’re light and relatively small, making them easy and cheap to send. Havaianas are the go-to flip flops for both sexes, and with good reason. If he prefers more neutral colours and designs, we recommend opting for one of the original designs in a plain colour, but if he likes to jazz up his outfits and have fun with fashion, why not buy him a pair of printed ones like these Ipe Havaianas?

And if he’s into his sport and running, or just likes to get outside and walk a lot, how about a pair of runners? Now here us out! We know what you’re thinking! A – running shoes are a very personal item and B – running shoes are bulky and difficult to send as long distance gifts. Fear not – Allbirds shoes are amazing, and we guarantee that as soon as he tries them out, he’ll be a convert. Not only are they super stylish (and comfy), they’re also made of wool, which makes them lightweight, less bulky, and machine-washable. Oh, and if he’s got a bit of a conscience when it comes to the environment and being eco-friendly, these shoes are more environmentally friendly than the average running shoe.

Hats are making a great comeback in general, but the truth is that thanks to some leading Hollywood men, who’ve ensured that the timeless appeal of various hats remains in fashion, they’ve always made a good fashion accessory for men. Everyone needs a good hat in their lives, and as well as younger men, these make a great long distance present for older men, AKA dad. Help him channel his inner Humphrey Bogart, Harrison Ford or Marlon Brando with a stylish Panama-style hat. Depending on his personality, you’ve got a range of hat colours for men to choose from – from your classic white Panama hat right to something a little more daring – light blue.

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For the gadget-loving men in your life, who seemingly have everything there is when it comes to technology, how about sending a long distance gift he won’t be expecting? So, he has a smartphone, smartwatch, iPads, and AirPods, but does he have a 3-in-1 wireless charging stand that will allow him to charge three devices at once? No, we didn’t think so!

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Being in a long distance relationship can be tough, especially these days with so many travel restrictions in place. Whether you’re buying long distance relationship gifts for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or just because, there’s one thing for sure – you’re going to show your sentimental side and show how much you love your partner. Sending long distance gifts to your boyfriend or girlfriend also acts as a good reminder to your partner how lucky they are to have you in their life despite being miles and miles away.

Send your partner some not-so-subtle hints that you want to see them as soon as possible with this practical long distance relationship gift idea. Even if you’re not allowed to travel that much at present, this time will soon pass and a high-quality leather passport cover will get them thinking about all the time you’re going to spend together in the future.

There’s something special about handwritten notes and letters. This sweet stationery gift will encourage more personalised communication and who knows, perhaps more long distance gifts in the future. Containing a range of different sets of stationery, including envelopes, you have all you need to create special personal love letters. When brought together, you could then create a time capsule of your memories.

And while we’re speaking about writing, words and long distance relationship gifts, a beautiful book of poetry is perfect if you struggle to put your feelings into words for your special someone. This thoughtful long distance gift for him or her is ideal for those moments during the week when they’re missing you.

Pyjamas make a great romantic gift and are some of the favourite things to give when it comes to long distance relationship gifts. These fun printed pyjamas from Printfresh are made from ethically sourced cotton and are perfect for sleep and snuggling up in bed, which is the next best thing when you’re not there. To make this distance gift idea extra special, why not throw in a matching robe as well?

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If you’ve recently booked a romantic getaway in the future and want to get your partner excited, why not send them a reminder in the form of swimwear. She’ll love this sexy bikini top with matching briefs (and so will you) from Love & Bikinis. He’ll love some of Felventura’s hottest designs and will appreciate the practical yet exciting long distance gift.

Pledge your love with a ring. It doesn’t have to be an engagement ring, but traditionally rings mean commitment like promise rings. She’ll dazzle with this stunning Crystal Nani Ring from Caroline Svedbom.

When your loved ones live far away, there are plenty of ways you can show you care. long distance gifts are just one of them. Nothing beats being physically together, but until you do meet up again, send them a few reminders now and again in the form of long distance friendship gifts or long distance relationship gifts.

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