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Dubai's Most Instagrammable Places

| Victoria Zurakowski

Dubai's Most Instagrammable Places

Our Insiders Guide To The Best Instagram Locations in Dubai

Dubai attracts hordes of influencers, bloggers, and Instagrammers all wanting to get the perfect Dubai picture thanks to its futuristic cityscapes, evening hotspots, and curious backdrops. Dubai's Instagram spots are unbeatable in terms of chicness, wow factor, and downright amazingness.

We're passionate about everything Dubai. Instagram is also one of our favourite social media platforms – so we thought it was only fair to share with you some of the best Dubai Instagram locations so you can come, see, shoot, and conquer in 48 hours or less.

But that's not all, as one of the trendiest places in the world, Dubai's best Instagram spots call for equally stylish outfits. So, without further ado, here's our top Instagram spots in Dubai with like-tastic outfit suggestions.

1. D3 Design District

The jury's out, one of Dubai's best Instagram spots (after a lengthy debate) would have to be Dubai's Design District (more popularly known as D3). Cool and trendy, Dubai's Design District attracts both locals and tourists. Not only is this one of the most favourite photo spots in Dubai it's also a well-known creative hub for artists and designers.

Innovative and sleek, and teeming with cutting-edge geometric designs and sculptures, this Instagram spot in Dubai is the perfect place to get "that" shot. Vast shadowy avenues, distinctive sculptures and interactive art make for the perfect arty Instagram backdrop – perfect for idealists, romantics, and creatives.

What to wear: Dubai Design District is not only one of Dubai's best Instagram locations, but it's also home to some of the most fashionably dressed. We vote boho all the way, and this long-sleeved floaty floral Cyrena Dress in black from Love Shack Fancy is the perfect way to channel your inner boho goddess. To add a bit of an edge to your look, wear with a pair of contrasting coloured ankle boots. And don't forget to accessorise with this season's latest "it" bag – the bucket basket bag like this shell adorned one from Le Nine.

2. Dubai Miracle Garden

While D3 is an up-and-coming precinct, we can't forget one of the old favourites when it comes to finding the perfect Instagram spot in Dubai, and that's the emirate's very own Dubai Miracle Garden.

When it comes to amazing Instagram places in Dubai, the Dubai Miracle Garden has to be up there with the best of the best. For some serious flower power and great hashtag-worthy shots, this is the place to go. And thanks to Dubai's favourable climate, the Dubai Miracle Garden isn't just limited to spring visits. From November through May, these stunning gardens come to life with millions of vibrant flowers that have been incorporated into creative designs, including one of Dubai's most Instagrammable shots – the pretty heart-shaped passageway made entirely from flowers.

And don't forget to stop next door for another cool Instagrammable spot in Dubai - the Butterfly Garden. Here you'll be able to stretch your arms out wide while the butterflies flitter and fly around you – there's nothing quite like it.

What to wear: Take your flower power to the next level with a form fitting floral maxi skirt from Seven Wonders and matching one shoulder blouse. Pair with a pair of white trainers for comfort and style – Dubai Miracle Garden is considerably bigger than what people think. Keep your accessories simple and let your outfit do the talking – we love this bright colourful pouch from Moroccan Star and elegant disc choker from Luv & Bart.

3. The Pointe

The Pointe is the place to go!

This iconic waterfront spot in Dubai is an IG dream come true.

Located at Palm Jumeirah, this spectacular waterfront hotspot attracts locals and tourists all-year-round.

Dotted along the sprawling open promenade, you'll find a plethora of trendy eateries, cafes, galleries, and shops. Take a stroll along the 1.5km esplanade and be sure to pause along the way to capture the moments on camera – there's so much to see, including the impressive Atlantis, The Palm in the distance.

Because of the popularity of the stunning Atlantis arch, it's usually fairly difficult to get a semi-decent shot, which is why The Pointe is even more fabulous – it allows you to take it all in and capture one of Dubai's most iconic landmarks without the hassle that often goes with it.

What to wear: For the perfect panoramic Dubai Instagram shot on the water's edge, go for an effortlessly cool look. Think breezy dresses in whites and blues like this lightweight embroidered lace-up dress from Melissa Odabash. To add to your minimal boho beach look, team your dress with a pair of trusty ViX flip flops, an oversized natural woven bucket hat from Le Nine, and an eye-catching beach bag with your swimsuit inside, just in case. Oh, and you'll probably want a pair of sunglasses as well to protect your eyes from the sea's glare, so don't forget to connect them to a cute beaded sunglasses chain, because Dubai is the last place you want to lose your shades.

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4. Hyatt Dubai

The architecture and interior design of hotels in Dubai are simply mind-blowing. Around every corner, you'll be greeted with yet another architectural wonder, which often acts as a popular Dubai Instagram location, including the Hyatt Dubai.

With distinct Arabic influences, the architecture of the Hyatt in Dubai is breathtaking. Located in the Dubai Creek area, away from the hustle and bustle, this exclusive hotel has created a tranquil ambience that can't be replicated.

Offering beautiful photogenic views of both the Creek and the cityscape, this famous Dubai Instagram location is the perfect place for lifestyle bloggers, fashionistas, and travel influencers to shoot.

For a true Dubai Insta-worthy shot, head to the hotel's trendy restaurant, Noépe, where you'll be able to get the best fashion-inspired pictures.

What to wear: Hotels in Dubai are Instagrammable, and for this reason, you're bound to see some serious fashionistas walk through the lobby doors. This calls for a touch of chicness and sophistication with a pinch of nonchalance. Simple shift dresses in pretty pastels that fit just right will certainly turn heads, and this Winnie Dress in white from Seven Wonders does just the job. To keep this look understated yet elegant, add a few simple pieces of jewellery, such as this Swarovski crystal adjustable bracelet and these heart-shaped crystal hoop earrings from Caroline Svedbom. This orange and pink pom-pom detailed bag from SD Basics adds a contrasting pop of colour to the otherwise refined outfit. To bring your look together and to add a touch of definition, these gold braided sandals from Kionis Sandals work well.

6. Burj Al Arab

Dubai is home to some of the most Instagrammable luxury hotels in the world, which also includes the opulent Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. There's no denying that if you want some authentic Instagram shots in Dubai, you can't miss one of the city's most distinguished icons. It's no surprise that this sail-shaped luxury hotel in Dubai is consistently voted one of the most exclusive hotels in the world.

As soon as you pass the carefully lined up gleaming Rolls Royce cars awaiting the hotel's guests, you'll feel like you've entered a parallel universe. The hotel's interior is just as impressive, and we guarantee the exquisitely vibrant colours, awe-inspiring art and structures, and the regal furnishings and décor won't disappoint you.

And if you're feeling extra indulgent, why not treat yourself to another Dubai Instagram photo idea in the Sahn Eddar Lounge – the Ultimate Gold Cappuccino, which, as the name suggests, has 24-carat gold blended into the foamy milk.

What to wear: Dubai fashionistas dress to impress at hotels, and so should you. To create that air of sophistication one must look the part. Transitional outfits work perfectly for a Dubai Instagram fashion shoot. You can never go wrong with a lace maxi dress – it's the epitome of grace and won't look out of place amongst the regal backdrop of Instagrammable hotels in Dubai like the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. Fancy feet are a must, which is why we think a pair of handcrafted pearl and crystal embellished slip on sandals from Elina Linardaki is perfect. Not all jewellery needs to be elaborate – in this case, it's quite the contrary – the key is to keep it simple – we love these classic pearl-drop earrings and ring from Caroline Svedbom. And because handbags can be a visual extravaganza in themselves, we think it's important to make at least one piece pop like this Fields Of Treasure Camilla clutch that boasts an unordinary mix of colour and patterns.

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7. Bab Al Shams

Another one of Dubai's most Instagrammable hotels is the one and only Bab Al Shams. You can't say you've truly "done" Dubai without having a desert adventure.

As well as being an Instagram-worthy place in Dubai Bab Al Shams is one of the best spots to explore Dubai life further beyond the craziness of the downtown area.

 Channel your inner adventurer and wanderlust and put Bab Al Shams on your list for one of the best Dubai Instagram locations. Enclosed by towering dunes and curious wildlife, Bab Al Shams is an extensive, low-lying resort inspired by all things Arabian. From nature walks to camel rides, you're bound to have a fun time and get some perfect Dubai Instagram shots that will make your friends back home green with envy.

What to wear: What to wear to one of Dubai's most Instagrammable hotels in the desert? We've got you covered. Infuse a hint colour into the muted yellows, beiges, and browns of the Dubai desert with this baby pink loose-fitting embroidered maxi dress from Pranella. Desert days call for comfy footwear and a bright pair of Havaianas in shocking pink will complement the softer pastel pinks of the dress. A Lorna Murray hat in colours to match your footwear is a must-have desert fashion accessory that will add a bit of fun to your look while protecting you from the sun's harsh rays. The vastness and openness of the sprawling Empty Quarter will leave you exposed to the elements, so don't forget your sunblock with a high SPF.

8. Downtown Dubai

The entire area of downtown Dubai is an Instagram location favourite. Forget New York, this is a city that never sleeps.

Awash with futuristic architecture, the Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Mall, and (for now) the world's highest building, the Burj Khalifa, it's no wonder why tourists flock to the area to get the best Instagram shots in Dubai.

Here you'll also find the famous Wings of Mexico sculpture, which is a popular Instagram shot in Dubai. Pose gracefully in front of the striking bronze structure and act like you own it…because, as the old saying goes, "When in Dubai…"

What to wear: Dubai street style is fashion forward. Bold makeup, an easy to wear plain coloured dress like this white Adley one from Love Shack Fancy, an obligatory Panama hat, and a pair of sporty trainers will certainly earn you a little street cred while you strike numerous poses for your Dubai fashion shoot downtown. For an unrivalled look, add a wooden handled black shopper and an oversized slouchy jacket to the mix.

Victorian-inspired White Dress

9. The Burj Khalifa

Just a stone's throw away, the Burj Khalifa is another not-to-miss popular Instagram location in Dubai. It would be a crime to suggest Instagram worthy places in Dubai and forget to mention the world's tallest building.

There's nothing quite like getting a photo with one of Dubai's most photographed images in the background, and there are plenty of spots nearby where you can shoot the city's famous tower, such as Downtown Dubai, City Walk, Palace Downtown, and The Dubai Mall.

And to make your Instagram stories with #Dubai stand out, film yourself going up the Burj Khalifa and watching Dubai move further and further away. Standing tall at a mind-blowing 828 metres high, there are no words to describe how it feels to look out over the skyline from the tower's highest observation deck.

What to wear: The Burj Khalifa is an all-time favourite Instagram location in Dubai. Whether you're posing in front of it or going up it, you want to maintain a classy and sophisticated look without being too OTT. A jumpsuit like this one from ViX will take you wherever you need to go, including one of the tower's exclusive restaurants – 123 Atmosphere on the 122nd floor. For a seamless look, incorporate a pop of colour with your accessories, such as this woven white and aqua tote from SD Basics and a tribal-inspired statement necklace from Marie Vigue.

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10. Old Dubai

Believe it or not Instagrammers, Dubai has not always been known for its high-rise glamour.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Dubai was a mere fishing village, where fishermen assembled at the seafront loading and unloading their boats. Today, there is still a similar aura of the traditions gone by. Explore the labyrinths of spice souk stalls dotted along the winding dusty cobbled paths that blend into the beige-painted buildings.

When it comes to getting the best Instagram spot in Dubai, this is a great place, especially if you want to highlight the contrast between then and now, old and new.

There are amazing photo opportunities throughout the Old Quarter, and certain areas are reminiscent of Moroccan scenes. Many famous fashion shoots have taken place here, and if it's good enough for Dolce & Gabbana, it's *probably* good enough for you!

What to wear: If you've already scouted out Dubai's Old Town for an Instagram fashion shoot, you probably have an idea of what to wear. We suggest letting the rustic scenes talk and opt for something neutral. This acid wash blouson dress in indigo from Juliet Dunn will act as a beautiful juxtaposition against the dusty paved paths and pastoral architecture. A pair of comfy loafer-style flats will help you navigate the uneven passageways and a hardwearing shopper bag is necessary for all the bargains you come across.

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11. La Mer

La Mer – it's where all the cool kids hang out…

In contrast to the unstable pathways of the Old Town, another favourite photo location in Dubai would have to be La Mer, which is the city's premier go-to spot when it comes to sun, sea, fun, and not to mention colour.

Vibrantly painted beach huts in every hue imaginable line the promenade and glimmering fairy lights are strung up between exotic-looking palm trees, adding even more beach vibes to the surrounding eateries and cafes.

La Mer is a blogger's and Instagrammer's paradise. The combination of the colourful tropical background, graffiti art murals and its bucolic features is just one reason why this Dubai location is always at the top of the list – no filter needed!  

And if you're looking for one of the best-kept secrets for sunsets in Dubai, La Mer is it as the Arabian Gulf and the city skyline make for the perfect mini photoshoot.

What to wear: La Mer has to be one of the best locations for taking Instagram pictures in Dubai. The fun colourful backdrop, street performers, busy café scene, and bustling crowds are reminiscent of Venice Beach so beachwear is perfectly acceptable, if not the norm. This cami-shorts combo pairs beautifully with a classic woven pair of sandals, a Lorna Murray hat, and a raffia basket bag with crystal detail from Le Nine.

cami and shorts set

There's not much more we can say. If you're visiting Dubai and want to populate your social media with some amazing travel or fashion pics, you're in luck. Immerse yourself, live in the moment, and let the wanderlust within take over as you discover many worlds in one because Dubai's Instagram locations are aplenty.

Show us your best IG shots @sanddollardubai and don't forget to tag your newest outfit upgrades with #StylesBySandDollar 

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