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Create Covid Care Packages To Show Your Love

| Victoria Zurakowski

Create Covid Care Packages To Show Your Love

Care packages. Once upon a time, these were solely consigned to boarding school and university students. They were the small reminders their parents still cared. But thanks to an unparalleled pandemic and social distancing care packages are back. Introducing Covid care packages.

Why Send Covid Care Packages?

The answer is simple. For the last year, almost everyone, at some point, has been separated from their loved ones. To say this has been difficult is an understatement. But being kept apart from loved ones during special occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, New Year, and the rest is especially hard.

Enter Covid care packages

Whether you want to send a winter care package, a hospital care package or a quarantine care package, it does not matter – they are all thoughtful ways to show your nearest and dearest you care.

While the traditional care package might contain items such as your favourite chocolate bars, candies, and magazines, we've got an even better idea for a Covid care package.

Why not pamper and treat your loved ones to a little TLC with a socially distanced Covid gift?

It does not matter whether you are sending your Covid care package to friends abroad or in Dubai. Our Covid gift ideas will surely bring a smile to your friends' and family's faces. Not to mention, if you curate the right quarantine care package for them, you will help transport them to happy places and get them dreaming about future holidays. Here are some of our favourite Covid care package ideas.

A Wish You Were Here Covid Care Package

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With the UAE slowly and carefully removing travel restrictions, you can guarantee that your friends will be eyeing up Dubai as a possible holiday destination in the not-so-distant future. Why not entice them a little with a Covid care package from Dubai? There's nothing like dropping a not-so-subtle hint, right?

With Dubai's sun and Covid social distancing restrictions still in place, most of the socialising will likely be done outside, which is why a sunhat is a must for protection and style. The timeless Panama hat is a classic women's beach hat and also synonymous with UAE style – available in many colours, such as this baby pink Panama hat from SD Basics, you're bound to find a colour that matches your friend's style and personality.

Don't forget to help her remain safe in style. These days (dare we say it) it's all about how you wear your mask. No one could have ever predicted that a facemask would become the global "it" accessory, but it did, and in one of the world's fashion capitals, a fashionable matching mask (or ten) is a must, such as this stylish leopard print mask in rose from Izuskan.

What better way to entice your friends and family to visit Dubai in 2021 by adding some of the best sun oil there is into their winter care package? Right now, everyone's dreaming of warmth and that coveted sun-kissed glow, and this tan preserving oil from Lancaster will help maintain a tan for up to one month.

And while you're sending your nearest and dearest a Coronavirus care package from Dubai, why not throw in another popular accessory that graces the shores of the UAE – a beaded bracelet?

Take a Rest Quarantine Care Package

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If there is one positive thing that has come out of this global crisis, it is that we have finally found the time to take better care of ourselves. Self-care and looking after your health and wellbeing is absolutely essential these days, and this includes getting quality sleep.

There are many practical wellbeing tips out there related to sleep. From maintaining a consistent bedroom temperature to ensuring you sleep in a decluttered space, but did you know your pyjama choice also helps improve sleep quality?

Pyjamas can improve your sleep quality and health by keeping you warm and preventing common illnesses such as colds, which is even more necessary than ever these days. Pyjamas are also hygienic. Your skin renews itself on a daily basis by shedding dead cells, meaning that quality pyjamas also act as a barrier and protect your bedsheets. Finally, to get quality sleep and maintain your health and wellbeing, especially during these uncertain times, you need to be comfortable, and to be comfortable you need the right pyjamas with the right fabric.

The best pyjamas fabric would have to be lightweight cotton. Airy and breathable, cotton pyjamas are perfect at any temperature. So, why not create a Covid care package that includes a pair of comfortable luxury pyjamas?

Printfresh pyjamas are the ultimate when it comes to luxury pyjamas for her, and we guarantee that they will make a nice addition to your Covid care package. Dubai's weather is temperamental at this time of the year, so if you're sending your care package within Dubai or the UAE, these eco-friendly luxury pyjamas with a fun unicorn print are perfect.

A pair of quality and versatile slippers is a must to help her live her best life at home while reading her favourite books curled up on the couch with a fresh cup of coffee. And our beaded slippers from Soludos will help bring together this Covid care package idea perfectly.

Help your friend turn their pyjamas quarantine care package into comfy loungewear during the day with a basic Ruth Erotokritou cotton tank top. Not only is this care parcel addition comfortable enough to wear all day long at home, but it can also easily act as a staple item that complements other clothes whether that is a pair of jeans or a beautiful maxi skirt.  

Winter Sun Staycation Personal Care Package
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If they are lucky enough to live in a place with perpetual sun, such as the UAE or Western Australia, it is highly probable they still have access to pools or the beach. A Covid care package in Dubai or other sunny climes calls for swimwear. Not only is this a thoughtful personal care package it is also practical.

You cannot go wrong with a ViX bikini. Luxury Brazilian-designed beachwear with clean lines and flattering cuts, ViX swimwear is at the forefront of elegant beach fashion. It does not matter that she may be restricted to her own pool, a luxury bikini will always make her feel like a million dollars. We especially love the ViX Divino Bia Tube top in wine with matching full bottom briefs. And to perfect the look a chic summer wrap is a must when sending a resort-friendly Covid care package.

Finish the look with a pair of ViX flip flops and complete this resort-inspired Covid care package.

Instead of wrapping your Covid care package for her in the traditional way, how about being a little more creative? Presenting your Covid gifts in a fashionable beach tote is ingenious. Practical – check. Stylish – check. Original – check. This chic SD Basics woven beach tote is roomy enough to carry her resort essentials without compromising on style.

Plan A Future Holiday Quarantine Care Package
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So, 2020 was definitely not the year for holidays. Dream vacations were cancelled and airlines grounded flights in a bid to halt the spread of Coronavirus. Care packages for future trips will help your loved ones get excited and have something to look forward to.

Marbella, the Maldives, Thailand, Bali, LA…wherever you had your luxury beach holiday planned, you will eventually get there, and there is nothing better than a few new Covid gifts to reignite that anticipation and lust for travel.

Take her to Koh Samui with the aptly named Koh Samui bikini top and matching bikini briefs in white from one of our favourite swimwear designers, Melissa Odabash.

For the ultimate beach holiday glam, she will also need an outfit with that extra "wow" factor. There is no doubt that she will want to dress to impress – after all it will likely be the first proper holiday she has been on for some time. Co-ords were big in 2020, and they are set to be bigger and better in 2021. This holiday outfit from Seven Wonders, consisting of a frilly one-shoulder floral top and matching maxi skirt will take her from the day right through to the night.

A beach holiday, whether it is in a few months or in a year's time, always calls for a pair of flip flops. Help her build a luxury holiday capsule wardrobe in advance with a pair of Camilla sandals.

Hospital Care Package

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If you know someone who's feeling a little under the weather or someone who is in, or has just come out of, hospital, you'll most certainly brighten her day with a thoughtful hospital care package.

A thoughtful care parcel, in Dubai, or further afield will show your loved ones that you're thinking of them, even if you can't be there in the flesh to say it face to face.

A get-well gift care package in Dubai can consist of absolutely anything you want. It all depends on the recipient and what they love. But one thing's certain when it comes to giving "get well soon" care packages, you can't go wrong with jewellery!

Wish them a speedy recovery with a care package from Dubai that includes a stunning pair of show-stopping earrings like these classic drop crystal earrings.

But why stop there? Why not go all out and include a matching mini crystal bracelet with Swarovski elements from Caroline Svedbom?

Forget ugly nighties that have seen better days. A get well soon winter care package calls for glamour. If you want to send your best wishes and "good health" messages, a designer swing sundress from Pitusa is far superior to what other clothes she has; and it can also double up as a cute nightdress. At the end of the day, it's all about making her feel better, and this little ensemble definitely will help.

Complete your winter care package with something snuggly and warm – we think this fairytale inspired luxe sweater from Love Shack Fancy.

Sometimes it takes more than the random Zoom or FaceTime call to show your loved ones how important they are to you. This is how sending a Covid care package can help. A personal care package will remind your nearest and dearest that love and friendship know no distance.

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