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Dubai World Cup 2020 – A Complete Etiquette & Style Guide


Dubai World Cup 2020 – A Complete Etiquette & Style Guide

Your Source For Dubai World Cup Fashion
& How To Avoid A Fashion Faux Pas

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Dubai World Cup 2020 and its set to be even bigger and more glamorous than ever.

Hosted in the modern city of Dubai, The Dubai World Cup never ceases to amaze its race day goers and sybarites.

Thanks to its dazzling events and exhilarating activities, Dubai is a city that never disappoints when it comes to entertainment. The Dubai World Cup, a noble and fashionable horseracing affair, is just one example of a prominent Dubai event that locals and visitors look forward to every year.

There’s so much that makes the Dubai World Cup the best horseracing event in the world. With 12 domestic events, 10 race meets, 5-star dining, first-class entertainment, and luxury Dubai World Cup outfits on show, there’s a lot that this annual event has to offer.

This famous horseracing event attracts the rich and famous from all corners of the globe. So if you’re up for a bit of celebrity spotting, head to some of the private Dubai World Cup venues like Dubai Millennium, Sky Bubble, and the Turg Suite.

The Dubai World Cup – In a Nutshell

The brainchild of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the first-ever Dubai World Cup was launched in 1996. A lover of horses and anything equine related, it was the Sheikh’s vision to attract like-minded people from around the world to join in the most fashionable horseracing event in the world that successfully brings together sport, fashion and entertainment. Not someone to do things by halves, His Highness had the intention of making the World Cup in Dubai the wealthiest race day in the world, which he achieved, as the event’s current prize purse is thought to be valued at about $35 million USD.

The Dubai World Cup 2020 begins on March 28 and will celebrate its 25th anniversary in operation, so it’s guaranteed that this year is going to be huge!

This year’s annual horseracing event in Dubai will be made up of six Group 1 races, three Group 2 races, and also its namesake race, the Dubai World Cup, which is sponsored by Emirates Airlines and is worth a cool $12 million USD. Unlike other horseracing events, there aren’t any bookmakers, but you can always enter competitions individually and guess the winner for a chance to win a cash prize.

This horse racing event in Dubai, which takes place at Meydan Racecourse, is by far the grandest sporting and social event in Dubai’s entire calendar, which is a feat considering the glamorous city’s repertoire.

While there are a number of Dubai World Cup packages for guests to choose from, suited for different budgets, this prestigious event attracts high-profile guests from movie moguls to business tycoons to royalty, so it’s no surprise that fashion and style are at the forefront when it comes to the Dubai horseracing event of the year.

Dubai World Cup Crowd

The Dubai World Cup 2020 Venue

It’s really no surprise that Dubai is home to one of the best race courses in the world. Meydan Racecourse features an extravagant mile-long grandstand, which comes complete with an impressive five-star hotel – the aptly named Meydan Hotel, which allows race-goers to get among all the action. And if the hotel does not convince you, this may – every room looks out on to the stately racecourse!

If you’ve never attended this prestigious race event, stick to the Apron Views area where you’ll be able to take in the amazing atmosphere, rub shoulders with Dubai’s elite, and splash out on one of the luxury hospitality packages in a private suite or restaurant.

Meydan Racecourse

Dubai World Cup Outfits and Racing Fashion

Any high-profile horseracing event will surely attract budding and seasoned fashionistas from around the world, but the Dubai World Cup outfits are in a completely different league.

The Dubai World Cup is definitely a prime spot for a touch of people watching. And as for your sartorial flair – it's the perfect time to show it off. Sharp tailored suits, posh frocks, and not to forget marvellous millinery are all part and parcel of the Dubai World Cup fashion arena.

As well as amazing Dubai World Cup outfits being modelled, several eminent fashion designers like TalaSamman, Noor Breish, Ana Pribylova, and Charlotte Blair will also be showcasing their most up-to-date collections exclusively.

This prominent horseracing event will also feature a wonderful event dedicated to fashion, which is aptly named Fashion at Races. This year the event will take place on March 30th and allow some of the most stylish women in the world to take part in Dubai's number one fashion extravaganza. There are many fashion prizes up for grabs at the 2020 Dubai World Cup, which includes the Best Dressed Couple, the Best Dressed Lady, and the Most Creative Hat.

Stake your fashion title by showcasing your innate sense of style and flair. Whether it’s full-on glamour or minimalist panache, it doesn’t matter – just know there are some fabulous prizes to be claimed. And even by taking part and showcasing your Dubai World Cup outfit choice, you’ll be able to say that you’ve taken part in one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year in one of the world’s most fashionable cities – Dubai.  

Every year the Dubai World Cup fashion leaves us in awe, but we’re predicting big things for the event’s 25th anniversary with even more stylish headwear and race day outfits being showcased.

Dubai World Cup Fashion

Maxis, Midis, Jumpsuits, and More – What to Wear to the 2020 Dubai World Cup

All you have to do is take a stroll around one of Dubai’s many shopping malls to know that Dubai World Cup fever is high. The hotly anticipated Dubai fashion event means that stores across the UAE have brought in their tailored race day capsule fashion collections.

Spanning the price spectrum nicely, there’s a Dubai World Cup outfit for everyone. High Street stores are showcasing midi and maxi dresses, featuring what we’d refer to as “classic” patterns. Expect to see a lot of floral, polka dots, and the obligatory animal prints.

Move to your mid-range designers, such as DKNY, Ted Baker and C/MEO Collective, and you'll see a similar story with floaty feminine materials taking precedent. This year, we expect to also see more elegant jumpsuits on show.

If you move up the price spectrum, designers are showing off their beautiful satin dresses, flirty floral pants, and fitted Jacquard blazers.

Race-Day Hats

If you’re a regular race-day goer, you’ll know too well that a race-day hat is a subject alone.

A great hat, fascinator or hairpiece can really transform a race-day outfit, but the most important thing to remember when investing in a Dubai World Cup 2020 hat is that you need to feel good in it – confidence is number one.

If you’ve never worn a hat or fascinator for events, it’s better to start small. At the same time if you really want to wear a bigger more extravagant hat to the races, just do it. But since a lot of the Dubai World Cup fashion events carry on into the evening with more celebrations, sometimes those smaller hats are just more practical in terms of wearing and storing them.

When choosing a hat to wear to the Dubai World Cup or any horseracing event for that matter, you need to consider what you're going to be doing. Will you have to meet a lot of people? Will you need to network and mingle? Will you need to hug? If you've answered “yes” to any of the above, opt for a small-to-medium-sized hat. Alternatively, in this case, you could wear a fascinator, or if you really want to be fashion-forward, perhaps a turban.

As well as the fit, you’ll also need to consider your face shape, height, and outfit. If you’re petite, a piece that helps elongate the body works, such as a hat or fascinator that has a trim or feathers flowing up. Taller women, on the other hand, might suit a smaller hat or style better, such as a beret.

Your race-day headwear also will depend on what you want your focal point to be. Will it be the dress? Or the hat? If it’s the former, minimise your race-day headwear and opt for a wreath of flowers or a headband instead.

For more Dubai World Cup 2020 fashion inspiration, read on…

This ruffled skirt and blouse combo from Love Shack Fancy has been inspired by faraway travels and the Moroccan medina, making it perfect day wear when it comes to a Dubai World Cup outfit. For that added dimension, the Victorian fabric has been printed with barely-there patterns. The epitome of delicate sensibility, pair this cute Dubai World Cup outfit with a pair of wedged heels, statement sunglasses, and a unique hat, such as this Saint Barthes Ladies Capri Hat.

Sold out
Sold out

This beautiful number from Devotion has the potential to be dressed up or down, making it a great dress for the anticipated race event. You can never go wrong with white – it’s elegant and classy and the billowing sleeves add an extra layer of specialness. With a bit of fake tan, anyone can pull this semi-formal tunic off without much effort. Wedged heels work well with this dress, as does a Panama hat and minimalistic stacking bracelets in gold.

Sold out

A combination of Italian romanticism and Emirati chicness, this lace maxi kaftan by Melissa Odabash has been cut to perfection, allowing the flattering dress to fall beautifully on your figure, making it the perfect Dubai World Cup outfit. Keep this luxurious lace dress the main feature by wearing a few wildflowers in your hair, gold heels, and carrying a unique woven wicker clutch like this one from Aranaz.

Vibrant and bold, this luxury wanderlust inspired dress from Miss June is perfect for any woman looking to make a colourful statement at the Dubai World Cup 2020. Teamed with a statement hat and a pair of obligatory oversized sunglasses, you’ll be getting nods of approval as you socialise with some of the world’s most famous people.

Let the dress speak for itself. Featuring intricate embroidery and a deep neckline, the Impala dress from Miss June is a standalone piece. Add subtle embellishments like a delicate pendant necklace, a pair of strappy heels, and a simple clutch style bag in a neutral colour to make a true fashion statement.

Sold out

Get all the attention for the right reasons with this stunning mixed print tiered maxi dress from Miss June. Ruffles, sequins and chiffon are a match made in heaven when it comes to Dubai World cup outfits for women. The epitome of glamour, this is one dress that will take you right from the fashion arena to the VIP evening events. Wear with an oversized hat and a pair of dark sunglasses to add more mystery, provoking other racegoers to turn to one another and ask, "Who’s that?”

If you’re going to break any race day fashion rules, it’s going to be at the Dubai World Cup where you’ll see women push boundaries with bold mixed prints and eccentric hats, so there’s no reason why you can’t wear this stylish jewel-embellished animal print jumpsuit. Add your own personal touch with a tuxedo-style jacket in black, a pair of statement sunglasses and some look-at-me tassel earrings to win the prize for the most unique style.

Attending the Dubai World Cup should be on everyone’s bucket list at least once, so if you’ve never been, why not make the 25th anniversary of the Dubai World Cup your first? At Sand Dollar Dubai, we have a variety of race day outfits at your ready – shop now to find the Dubai World Cup outfit to suit you.

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