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The 8 Best Swimsuits For Moms

| Skylar Black

The 8 Best Swimsuits For Moms

Most Flattering Swimsuits for Moms

Motherhood can be many different things all at once - beautiful, fulfilling, exhausting and challenging. And on top of that, new mothers might find that their bodies have changed postpartum. These body changes are normal and don’t detract from your beauty, but as you get used to them, you may be tempted to opt for clothing that covers or smoothes them out.

We’re counting down our best swimsuits for moms that will flatter your figure, hide troubling features like stretch marks and sagging, and keep you feeling gorgeous even as your body changes. And we’re even throwing in our cutest mother and daughter matching swimsuits so that you can rock motherhood in the most stylish way possible!

Nika Cardumen One Piece by Agua Bendita

The first tip you’ll ever get from any fashion expert about hiding problem spots is this: ruching is your friend. This eternally chic gathered detail is a must-have for smoothing out your figure and hiding uneven skin details like cellulite while giving off a classy, elegant vibe.

The Nika Cardumen One Piece by Agua Bendita features a ruched bust line and upper torso combined with a smooth, structured bottom half for ultimate control over your silhouette. Combine that with a fun, feminine floral print in adorable pastel colours and the flirty adjustable tie details at the shoulders, and you have a swimsuit that can make anyone feel good, no matter how you’re feeling about your body.

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Arrecife Granda One Piece by Baobab

If you’re looking for something sleeker, the Arrecife Granda One Piece by Baobab is the perfect swimsuit for you. Rather than using ruching to cover up sensitive areas, this one-piece uses artful twists, a well-placed cutout, and silky-smooth fabric to create a breathtaking, luxurious silhouette. This Baobab swimsuit shows off skin in areas such as the shoulders and upper torso, rather than places like your stomach and thighs that you might be hoping to draw attention away from.

Baobab’s premium recycled fabric drapes smoothly over your curves, and the light padding in the top can help support your bust, even if you’re still breastfeeding.

Sea Dive High Rise Pant by Seafolly

Flattering swimsuits for moms don’t just have to be one-pieces, either - high-waisted bikini bottoms are excellent options for those of us who want a bit more coverage and support without giving up our love of the classic bikini look. The Sea Dive High Rise Pant by Seafolly exemplifies the qualities we love in a high-waisted bikini bottom - the sturdy ribbed fabric stretches to conform to your shape and smooth out your figure. At the same time, the simplistic cut provides coverage for your midriff, hips, and butt for a worry-free day at the beach. Pair it with the matching bandeau top or your favourite bikini top!

Colleen Jambo Bikini Top by Agua Bendita

Whether or not you decide to breastfeed, the shape of your breasts will change during and after your pregnancy. As you shop for postpartum swimwear, you need to look for pieces that offer more support for your bust to ensure your comfort, especially if you’re finding that your breasts are starting to sag. You can find our complete guide to finding the best supportive swimwear here, but suffice it to say that wide straps and sturdy fabric are the key to ensuring that your bust is taken care of.

The Colleen Jambo Bikini Top by Agua Bendita has all the qualities of a supportive, fashionable bikini top - the wide straps and square neckline lift your bust from various points to keep the strain off your neck and back. The fierce leopard print is a gorgeous neutral that we expect to be trendy season after season. Pair it with the matching bikini bottom or your favourite neutral bottoms, and rock this look!

And if you don’t want to rock this look alone, Agua Bendita makes a matching bikini set for your little girl. The Girls Pali Jambo Bikini Set features the same gorgeous print that the Colleen Bikini Top does, and the set comes in sizes for girls ages 4-14. It’s the ultimate in mother and daughter matching swimsuits.

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Rio One Piece by Melissa Obadash

When it comes to postpartum swimwear, it’s important to find a suit that offers support for your bust and stomach. The Rio One Piece by Melissa Obadash is the perfect supportive swimsuit, combining high-end materials with a sleek, classic design.

The thing that makes this piece stand out is the belt. Belted swimsuits have become a major trend in recent years, and they’re also a gamechanger for those of us who want a bit more definition from our swimwear. The belt on this particular swimsuit is adjustable and accessorized by a delicate, elegant circular buckle we are swooning over!

Lily Balam Bikini Bottom by Agua Bendita

We’ve already extolled the virtues of the high-waisted bikini bottom as a staple of the best swimsuits for moms, but the fun isn’t over yet. Patterns are the key to creating fun, fashion-conscious outfits while drawing attention away from features you’re sensitive of, and this rule applies to swimwear as well. Enter the Lily Balam Bikini Bottom by Agua Bendita.

This gorgeous high-waisted piece has two things that make it stand out from its peers. The twisted waistline is endlessly trendy and extra supportive of your tummy, and the bold leopard print instantly draws the eye and gives off irresistible eclectic energy. Pair it with its matching bikini top (puffed shoulders are SO in right now) or with a neutral top of your choice for an eye-catching look.

Ursula One Piece by Hunza G

Another tool that should be in any mom’s fashion arsenal is crinkle fabric. By using a sort of miniaturized version of ruching, pieces made with this fabric type can smoothe problem areas, create definition, and offer a high degree of stretch that helps a piece move with your body even as you eat, run, play, and do anything else that you can think of.

The Ursula One Piece by Hunza G is made from a high-quality crinkle fabric found in many flattering swimsuits for moms. The linked design gives you the best of both worlds - the definition and ability to show off some skin you get from a bikini and the structure and coverage you get from a one-piece. The cutouts on the front are sexy without making you feel like you’re spilling out of them, and the bottom can either be worn as a high-waisted piece for extra coverage or pushed a bit lower to show some extra skin, depending on your mood.

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Regular Leg Paddle Suit by Camilla

If you’re looking for a lot of support, protecting any healing areas after your delivery, or you simply don’t want to expose your skin to too much sun, then a paddle suit might be the best choice. Based on wetsuits worn by athletes, these pieces usually feature long sleeves and extra coverage in the thigh and butt area - some even cover you all the way to the ankles!

The Regular Leg Paddle Suit by Camilla is a trendy paddle suit that combines high coverage and quality material with one of Camilla’s signature artistic prints. This one, called Xanadu Rising, is a mesmerizing mix of leopard print and bright florals for a look that is both fierce and feminine.

And if you’d like to match this vibe with your little girl, Camilla has also created the Kids Ruched Side Paddlesuit in the same print. Designed for kids ages 4-14, this beautiful miniature version has ruched sides and adorable ties at the hips for maximum adjustability, which is especially good if your daughter is really active. The gorgeous, unique print will ensure that you’re turning heads in your mother and daughter matching swimsuits.

Love Your Mom Body!

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