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2023 Guide: Must-Dos on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road

| Victoria Zurakowski

2023 Guide: Must-Dos on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road

Discover Why Jumeirah & Jumeirah 1 Are New Dubai’s Trendiest Neighbourhoods

Jumeirah Beach Road goes by many names: D 94, Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah Street, Al Sofouh Road and more recently, King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud Street, but locals often refer to it as simply ‘Beach Rd’. Jumeirah St is a lively hub when it comes to world-class shopping, dining and leisure activities, which range from state-of-the-art cinemas to world-renown water parks. There’s also an amazing (and free) beach, hence the name Jumeirah Beach Road.

Today, Jumeirah Beach Road, located in the heart of the city, is one of the most popular and liveliest neighbourhoods in ‘New Dubai’, making it hard to imagine that not so long ago it was just a mass of sandy coast. The illustrious Beach Road runs through some of Dubai’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, notably Jumeirah and Jumeirah 1; collectively, these form what is known as New Dubai.

Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road attracts locals and tourists alike, which isn’t surprising given the plethora of luxury cars, street art murals and deluxe accommodations and hotels on Beach Road, such as the Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental Hotel that are surrounded by lush landscaped gardens and sprawling, sandy white beaches.

The word ‘Jumeirah’ translates as ‘beautiful’ in Arabic, and New Dubai’s Jumeirah and Jumeirah 1 certainly live up to their names with their scenic beachfront life, stunning views and, of course, Jumeirah Beach Road.

In this guide, we detail our favourite resorts, shops, sights and restaurants; provide some local only insights, and discuss where you can do the best star gazing, (and we aren’t talking about celestial bodies, but celebrity ones)! Whether you’re here on holiday or a year-round resident, this is the Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Beach Road.

The Four Seasons Dubai

There’s no shortage of resorts on Beach Road, but one that continues to stand out for its luxury, attention to detail, and hospitality, is the Four Seasons Dubai.

There aren’t enough beautiful adjectives to describe the Four Seasons Dubai. This elegant resort on Beach Road in Jumeirah offers a juxtaposition of views – on one side guests are treated to the meditative waters of the Arabian Gulf and on the other - the dazzling skyline of downtown Dubai beckons.

It’s true what they say – first impressions are everything and the Four Seasons, Dubai, with its opulent but discreet Middle Eastern touches, won’t disappoint. You'll find yourself in awe of the bright lobby decorated with sweet-smelling, freshly-cut flowers in crystal vases and the impressive two-floored windows that look out across the well-tended gardens and out towards the welcoming ocean.

As well as its friendly and attentive service, this first-class hotel on Beach Road, Jumeirah boasts a unique Pearl Spa that offers exclusive beauty and wellness treatments that draw on the area’s rich and ancient pearl diving industry where healing is tantamount to aesthetics. There’s no denying it, the Four Seasons in Dubai is a true traveller’s playground.

This esteemed resort on Beach Road is just a stone’s throw away from some of the area’s most visited tourist attractions in New Dubai, making it a popular choice of resorts in Jumeirah for couples and families. The unique location makes chilling beachside and exploring the city’s offerings easy with Dubai’s Ladies Club, Jumeirah Open Beach, Jumeirah Archaeological Site, Sunset Mall, Boxpark, and Downtown Dubai.

Mandarin Oriental Dubai

Just a few minutes drive down the road from the Four Seasons lays Dubai’s Mandarin Oriental – a Californian-inspired 5-star luxury hotel on Jumeirah Beach Road that somehow still manages to surpass its’ stellar reputation.

One of the few hotels on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai, the Mandarin Oriental mixes the Emirate’s glitz and glam with the laidback relaxation vibes of Jumeirah Beach well, offering travellers to Dubai the very best of both worlds.

For a luxury hotel on Beach Road, the Mandarin Oriental in Dubai is bound to exceed your expectations with its private beach, five impressive pools, and of course, its very-own Michelin-starred Portuguese chef.  

Experience a new perspective and individualized focus on health and wellness, head to the Mandarin Oriental. Dubai has numerous resorts with spas and bespoke fitness suites, and while the hotel’s nine-luxury treatment rooms, which include VIP couple’s rooms are enticing, these don’t compare to the unique beach-based fitness and wellness classes.

Eating at the Mandarin Oriental in Jumeirah is next level – an exciting and eclectic choice of first-class dining choices awaits, which includes a Michelin-starred Portuguese cuisine at Tasca, fusion Japanese fare at Netsu, and a sophisticated internationally influenced brasserie-style selection of foods at The Bay.

Like other resorts on Beach Roach, the Mandarin Oriental in Dubai is situated in a prime location looking over the crystal clear Arabian Gulf waters and Dubai’s glittering city vista. Jumeirah’s Mandarin Oriental is Dubai’s nearest beach resort to Downtown Dubai, and some of the city’s main attractions are within walking distance, such as La Mer. Other notable city attractions nearby include the Dubai Opera, the Dubai Fountain, the Burj Khalifa, Mercato Mall, Dubai International Art Centre, Laguna Waterpark, and Vox Cinema.

The Best Restaurants on Jumeirah Beach Road

While The Four Seasons and the Mandarin Oriental in Dubai boast a plethora of award-winning cuisines to sample, Jumeirah Beach Road also is home to some epicurean delights where you’ll surely be able to awaken your senses through food.

With every turn of the head, you’ll be greeted with a new restaurant and bar, some of which have food as you’ve never experienced. To the unseasoned Dubai traveller, the gastronomic choices can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve also curated some of our favourite Jumeirah Beach Road restaurants to save you time.

best restaurants in Jumeirah beach road Dubai

Bungalo34 is one of the newest restaurants on the scene and we're pretty excited about it! Located in the Nikki Beach Resort, this bohemian vision offers a relaxed yet exclusive feel, with a Mediterranean-inspired menu that features fresh fish, zesty salads, and delicious desserts. Bungalo34 is the perfect place to enjoy a sunset drink or dinner with friends or family.

We love slipping off our Havaianas and sipping sundowners with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, with plenty of boho glam flair. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are the focus but the entrees are still plated beautifully.

Bungalo34 is a breezy beach club with a laid back atmosphere but the service is still top notch. A popular spot for both locals and tourists, and you never know what celeb you'll spot!

Pro Tip: Not feeling your old wardrobe? Order with us before 3pm and we'll have it to you in time for dinner!

Samad al Iraqi

Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants on Jumeirah Beach Road is Samad al Iraqi – Jumeirah’s number one Middle Eastern restaurant in Dubai specializes in traditional Iraqi dishes. So, if you’re looking to embrace a true Middle Eastern dining experience while in Dubai, Samad al Iraqi restaurant is not to be missed.

Samad al Iraqi is a restaurant that brings to life and shares the long history of Mesopotamian cuisine while creating an ancient ambience that takes guests back in time with its distinguished cultural interiors, stonewalls, and ornate arched windows.

Dubai’s Samad al Iraqi restaurant in Jumeirah will give you a chance to taste the rich heritage and history in authentic Iraqi dishes such as Maqluba, a sumptuous flipped layered dish of seasonal vegetables and succulent pieces of lamb filet. Another must-try dish at this world-renowned Jumeirah Beach Road restaurant is one of our favourites – Masgouf – traditional Iraqi butterflied grilled fish smothered with a tamarind and pomegranate glaze.


SALT is a unique and must-visit restaurant for anyone seeking hometown food with a twist on Jumeirah Beach Road. What started as a food truck has now transformed into a industrial chic burger shack that is dedicated to serving great, simple food and fostering community. The founders, Farah Khwaja and Nathalie El Rayess, bonded over their shared love of food and started SALT in 2015.

Khwaja, a passionate food enthusiast, has a background in the hospitality industry in London, where she worked for some of the city's top restaurants. El Rayess, on the other hand, has a background in finance. Both women are committed to using quality ingredients, sourcing locally, and supporting small businesses, which has earned SALT a loyal following of customers, who refer to themselves as SALTERS.

The main section of the restaurant is air-conditioned, and there's also a large outdoor seating area with sand-covered floors and large parasols, making it an ideal spot for dining with friends and family. The menu features three burgers, two of which are made with wagyu beef and one with chicken, all served with fries and the option to add cheese and jalapenos. SALT also offers an American diner-inspired drinks list, including a Insta worthy soft serve #saltburgers

SALT is more than just a food truck - it's a social hub that celebrates food, art, music, and nature. The restaurant operates a seasonal pop-up called SALT CAMP and offers a collection of casualwear, available for online orders, further demonstrating the brand's enduring popularity. Whether you're looking for the best burger or a unique social experience, SALT is a top choice for restaurants on Jumeirah Beach Road.

SALT best restaurants jumeirah beach road
Sardina Seafood Restaurant

For a combination of delicious dishes that will surely blow your mind, we recommend Sardina Seafood Restaurant. While this leading Dubai seafood restaurant is technically located in Jumeirah 3, we believe the quality, attention to detail, and first-class service make this establishment worth seeking out.

Serving only the freshest seafood available, Sardina Seafood Restaurant focuses on creating unique seafood-based dishes with daily catches. This isn’t your typical seafood fare, so if you’re looking for something a little bit different when it comes to seafood restaurants in Dubai and a laidback atmosphere, this is the place to head.

Guests will be able to start their full seafood dining experience with seasonal fresh starters that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious, The Almond Sardines and Anchovy Bruschetta are two of our favs. If you’re into the whole #soupporn thing, the crab soup, featuring an entire portion of crab, will satisfy your taste buds. The inimitable Shrimp Sayyadiya Rice Tagine is also a must.

What we love about Sardina Seafood Restaurant is how the restaurant focuses on sourcing the best local seafood, which not only supports the local economy but also endorses sustainable fishing practices.

COYA Dubai

Experience Incan culture and traditions in one of Dubai’s best international restaurants. COYA Dubai, in the Four Seasons Resort, specialises in Peruvian food with a twist – bringing together the old with the new.

From the first moment of stepping into COYA Dubai, you’ll be transported to a world of rich Incan heritage and culture. With its cool lounge vibes, soft furnishings, ornate chandeliers, an abundance of flora and fauna, and bright Incan-inspired throws, you’ll be able to sit back and chill while enjoying true fusion food. Want to try some Peruvian sashimi? We recommend sampling Pulpo, which is created using an interesting combination of octopus, mango, and olives!

Music plays an integral role in creating COYA’s unique and dynamic atmosphere, and it’s all part and parcel of the COYA Dubai experience. With a constant stream of guest DJs and visiting performers, this is a great Beach Road restaurant for anyone that appreciates an eclectic taste of electronic and Latino music.

Verde Dubai

Located in the Four Seasons Dubai and just a 20 minute walk on Beach Road from Mercato Mall, Verde Dubai is our pick for a smart night out. The food is 10 out of 10, with their truffle pizza being a must-try. The drinks are flowing and the music is perfect to take you from dining to dancing. The interior is pure luxury and you won't want to stop taking pics to share on the gram! #verdedubai

Feeling underdressed? Come see us at Mercato Mall for a stunning outfit curated to your personal style and shape!

Verde is a fine-dining restaurant that offers a modern take on Italian cuisine. The menu features classic dishes like spaghetti carbonara and tiramisu, as well as more innovative creations like the truffle pizza. The wine list is extensive, with something to suit every taste and budget.

The service at Verde is impeccable. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable, and they are always happy to make recommendations. The atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated, making it the perfect place for a special occasion.

If you're looking for a dining experience that will impress, Verde is the place to go. With its delicious food, attentive service, and luxurious atmosphere, it's sure to be a night you'll never forget.

Lucy Gibson Sand Dollar Dubai Owner At Verde Dubai

Sold out

Sold out

Get ready to indulge in some delicious Japanese cuisine at 3Fils. Located in a fishing harbor, this popular spot is all about fresh and quality ingredients, bringing you the best of Japanese cooking. While there may be a line, the wait is worth it for a unique twist on classic dishes.

Our must-try recommendations include the seaweed salad, the Spicy Tuna sushi roll, and the Indomie. And for dessert, don't miss out on the Karak ice cream, a sweet finish to your meal.

At 3Fils, you'll enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and a focus on authenticity and quality in their cuisine. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or a newcomer to Japanese food, 3Fils is worth the wait for an unforgettable dining experience.

3fils best restaurants jumeirah beach road dubai

A favourite Dubai hangout hub, BRD by SLAB in Jumeirah, is a Beach Road restaurant not to be missed. BRD by SLAB puts your average chicken restaurants like Nandos to shame.

Known for its crunchy and ever-so-flavoursome chicken burgers, BRD by SLAB is one of the best restaurants on Jumeirah Beach Road that caters to the whole family. Its cool, laidback American diner-style atmosphere makes this a popular joint for Dubai tourists and locals alike.

If you’re thinking “Oh no, not another burger joint”, you’re mistaken. This new concept from SLAB takes burgers to a whole new level thanks to its fresh, wholesome ingredients and homemade sauces, but be warned – once you have a BRD by SLAB burger, there’s no going back! And if you crave variety, there are other options available, such as Chef Omar’s famed spicy noodles – need we say more?


The Four Seasons Resort on Beach Road is also home to NAMMOS – an exclusive, VIP Jumeirah restaurant that attracts tons of celebrities. So, if you’re into top fashion, influencing, and celebrity spotting, get dressed up and head to NAMMOS. Need a last-minute NAMMOS worthy outfit? Shop our newest Women’s Fashion Boutique at Mercato Mall or order online with 3 hour delivery to your suite!

Brace yourself for gastronomic dining like no other. NAMMOS, one of the best restaurants in Jumeirah, challenges taste buds with a tantalizing, sensory experience. Taking inspiration from the Greek islands, eating at NAMMOS will take you to the Aegean Seas where feasting on the freshest, most delicious foods is the norm. It’ll be love at first bite!

This Greek-inspired beach bar redefines luxurious beach life. From whitewashed wooden furniture to open cabanas, there’s no other Dubai beach bar like it.

Jumeirah Beach Road Shopping

There’s no denying there are plenty of things to do in Jumeirah whether it’s having a fine-dining experience at NAMMOS and hanging poolside at the Mandarin Oriental in Dubai or getting a culture fix at the Etihad Museum and Dubai International Art Centre; but one of the best ways to pass your time is to hit the Jumeirah Beach Road shops – and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Jumeirah Beach Road Shopping

Mercato Mall

As far as Jumeirah Beach Road shopping goes, one of our favourite one-stop places to hit would have to be Mercato Mall, which is conveniently located across Jumeirah Beach Road from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Not your typical shopping mall, Mercato Shopping Mall boasts classic renaissance-themed architecture that conjures up images of renaissance Europe and Italy (pretty piazzas and cobbled streets included) – a refreshing change to the typical contemporary style of Dubai’s malls.

While in Mercato Mall, Dubai’s most unique shopping centre, you’ll be able to shop at your leisure in a charming ambience while taking in the distinctive baroque detailing that looks even more spectacular under the natural light of the striking glass atrium.

Mercato shopping mall, while a fairly compact mall, is home to 130 stores and many world-famous brands from Armani to Massimo Dutti.

As one of Jumeirah Beach Road’s best-shopping outlets, Mercato Mall is also home to our newest Sand Dollar Dubai fashion boutique. Visit us on the first floor by Lush Cosmetics and see our stunning and ever-changing collection of luxury beach and resort wear. And if you don’t have time to head out to the Mercato Mall shops, you can also shop online. To make your Jumeirah Beach Road shopping experience even easier, you can receive your gorgeous bikinis, dresses, kaftans, playsuits, and more to your hotel suite door within hours thanks to our 3 hour delivery service. Achieving your new, beach-chic look has never been more convenient!

The great thing about shopping at Mercato Mall in Dubai is it isn’t as stressful and as fast-paced as other major shopping malls. You can shop at your leisure in a relaxing atmosphere and there are plenty of other things to do in this Jumeirah shopping centre on Beach Road. It may be small in comparison, but it packs a punch when it comes to what it offers.

Mercato Mall is home to a VOX Cinema complex with extra-large VIP screens and individual seating that offers an immersive luxury Dubai cinema experience. And if you’re wondering how to entertain the kiddos while shopping at Dubai’s Mercato Mall, one of the best family things to do in Jumeirah is to visit the popular family entertainment hub – Fun City, which includes various attractions, custom-built motor-skill play areas, redemption games, rides, and more.

There are also plenty of Mercato Mall restaurants and cafes where you can refuel as previously mentioned. For unforgettable coffee and pastries, PAUL Bakery is the perfect pick and for something more creative in a casual environment, SLAB is always a winner.

Boxpark Dubai

Shopping in containers? Only in Dubai! Only in Boxpark Dubai!

Imagine rows upon rows of vibrant converted containers and you’ve got Boxpark mall – perhaps the most unusual shopping mall in Dubai to date.

Jumeirah shopping mall showcases urban life at its best. With its combination of cool boutiques, lively cafés, and concept dining, Boxpark Dubai is worth visiting even if you don’t want to shop.

Unlike neighbouring malls, Boxpark Dubai focuses on showcasing emerging brands and labels. As well as stylized clothes boutiques, Boxpark shopping mall offers an eclectic mix of other stores as well, such as a shop completely dedicated to funky notebooks, (Typo).

The eateries in Boxpark shopping centre are just as cool and varied. Grom is worth a visit if you’re a gelato fan.

Town Centre

Town Centre on Jumeirah Road is another boutique mall. Just like Mercato Mall, Town Centre is airy and spacious, but still small enough to create that ideal shopping haven.

As well as stocking local designers and brands, Town Centre in Jumeirah also trumps when it comes to pampering. Forget your usual popup nail stand you find in every mall, Dubai’s Town Centre shopping mall offers unique hair, nail, and feet treatments, because let’s face it – everyone needs a bit of foot reflexology after a long day of shopping in Dubai. And if you fancy a bit of mother-daughter bonding during your Jumeirah shopping trip, the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa is highly recommended.

Other Things To Do In Jumeirah

So, you’ve got your beaches, amazing Jumeirah Beach Road resorts, and a shopping paradise in Mercato Mall, but believe it or not, there are other things to do in Jumeirah as well.

With something for everyone - from the VOX Cinema complex at Mercato Mall to the Dubai International Art Centre to the water-filled fun to be had at Laguna Water Park – we guarantee you’ll want to spend the majority of your time exploring Jumeirah Beach Road and the nearby surrounding areas rather than venturing too far away into the overcrowded Dubai city centre.

things to do in Jumeirah
Dubai International Art Centre

You don’t have to be an art aficionado to appreciate the Dubai International Art Centre.

Located close to Mercato Mall, Dubai International Art Centre is an art centre like no other. Based on a concept of a group of British ex-pat women in 1976, this gallery/workshop attracts visitors who love exploring culture, traditions, and heritage through art and different mediums.

With rotating art exhibitions in Dubai’s Gallery 76 from international artists, the backdrop and ambience are forever revolving. And thanks to the growing art community in Dubai, the International Art Centre also offers a series of regular courses for all, including drawing and painting, sculpture and pottery, and crafts and design.

Laguna Waterpark

As of 24 March 2023, Laguna Waterpark is permanently closed due to re-development of the La Mer District. For other waterparks in Dubai, please see Our Favourite Family Friendly Waterparks in Dubai

For a slightly unusual Jumeirah Beach Road shopping experience, head to the extensive La Mer shopping complex where the famous Dubai waterpark – Laguna Waterpark - is located.

La Mer Mall is massive – we’re not going to lie, and it doesn’t offer that peaceful and restful shopping experience like Mercato Mall. But there's something that makes it special, and that is it's also home to Laguna Waterpark – Dubai’s only shopping mall (perhaps also in the world) that also has an attached waterpark.

To make a day of Laguna Waterpark at La Mer, get yourself a cabana so you can splish and splash while soaking up the sun and enjoying all the facilities of the UAE’s most famous waterpark. From floating slowly down the lazy river to cool (and hair raising) waterslides, such as the Constrictor that immerses you into a pitch-black tunnel with steep twists and turns to an entertaining interactive splash pad for younger children – yes, Laguna Waterpark in Dubai isn’t your average waterpark and La Mer Mall is certainly not your stereotypical shopping centre either.

Etihad Museum

After splashing about at Laguna Waterpark it might be time for a bit of culture, and one place to get a cultural fix in Dubai is at the Etihad Museum. While this Dubai attraction is technically located in the neighbouring Al-Mina neighbourhood, it’s still on Jumeirah Beach Road – and we think it’s worth mentioning.

Historically called the Union House, the Etihad Museum in Dubai is the one museum that has successfully collected and curated a unique collection of everything heritage-related from the UAE.

Here you’ll be able to learn all about the founding fathers of the UAE and the state’s journey to becoming one of the most renowned nations in the World.

Dubai Ladies’ Club

The Dubai Ladies’ Club advertises itself on its Instagram page as the “home to healthy and happy women” – and this is no surprise with all that it offers.

Located on Jumeirah Beach Road overlooking the golden sandy coastline, Dubai Ladies’ Club is where ladies can experience culture, luxury, and pampering in a tranquil environment. And, if you’re a female expat in Dubai, it’s also a great opportunity to foster some lifelong friendships.

Spa treatments…water sports…yoga…workouts…fashion shows…art exhibitions…if you love some or all of the above the Dubai Ladies’ Beach Club is worth checking out. Whatever it is you’re interested in, one thing’s for sure is that the Dubai Ladies Club on Jumeirah Beach Road is somewhere that focuses on working towards a better and healthier mind and body. DBLC offers the standard Zumba and Pilates classes, but it also goes far beyond this – from stand-up paddleboarding to deep-sea diving, you'll be able to get rid of your fears and inhibitions and try something new within a safe, non-judgmental environment.

If you’re anything like us, the Dubai Ladies’ Club will soon become your home away from home. As well as health, fitness and pampering sessions, you’ll also be able to relish some culinary delights in one of the many restaurants and cafes. Feel like shopping? You can – because the Dubai Ladies’ Beach Club on Jumeirah Beach Road has it all!

Jumeirah Public Beach

Located on Jumeirah Beach Road, not too far from the Mercato Mall, you’ll find one of Dubai’s most stunning beaches – Jumeirah Public Beach, which also goes by the name Jumeirah Open Beach.

Slightly north of Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Open Beach is the perfect sandy spot if you want to capture a cheeky beach selfie with the Burj Al Arab as a backdrop.

This wide and sandy strip of beach is ideal for a family day as it has all the necessary amenities, including showers, toilets, changing cubicles, and even Wi-Fi.

What sets Jumeirah Open Beach apart from the rest is its unique floodlit section, allowing you to take a nighttime dip if you dare.

Jumeirah Archaeological Site

The Jumeirah Archaeological Site in Dubai is one of the more unusual things to do in Jumeirah. While Dubai appears an ultra-modern place on the surface if you dig a little deeper (every pun intended), you’ll soon discover the region’s long and intriguing history that spans over a thousand years.

Nestled in between Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Road, the Jumeirah Archaeological Site with the city skyline as the background is a great destination for anyone interested in history, culture, archaeology, and anthropology.

This unique archaeological site in Dubai has been attracting archaeologists from around the world for decades. Since then, they’ve uncovered some amazing treasures, which are on show and will transport you back to as early as the 9th century.

Jumeirah Beach Road – It’s called living the dream

Call us biased, but we’re in love with Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai and everything it has to offer.

As an up-and-coming neighbourhood, we think that Beach Road has earned its badge of honour when it comes to credibility and coolness. There are so many things to do in Jumeirah on Beach Road – it’s quite overwhelming, and this is by no means an exhaustive list (there is plenty more). There are many other noteworthy sights and shops on Jumeirah Beach Road, but we couldn’t include them all, so we’ll let you discover them at your leisure. And when you’re visiting Mercato Mall, don’t forget to pop into our Sand Dollar store to say “Hi” and check out our latest range of curated women’s designer swimwear and beachwear. And if you’re in a real hurry, we can get your new dress and swimsuit to you in a matter of hours, ready for a night of fun on Beach Road, Dubai in just one click!

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