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Your Complete Guide To Bikini Bottom Types, Styles & Cuts

| Victoria Zurakowski

Your Complete Guide To Bikini Bottom Types, Styles & Cuts

Bikini Bottom Types: Choose The Best Style For Your Body

They say you can't buy happiness, but you can buy a new bikini! There's nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach in the sun. But there's often one issue that makes women self-conscious, it's their bikini, more specifically, their bikini bottoms. Back in the day, shopping for bikini briefs was simple - mainly because you weren't given a choice. But today, with the option of buying your top and briefs separately and the many bikini bottom types to choose from, it can be quite frankly a minefield.

bikini bottom types

But while the range of bikini bottom styles out there can be mind-boggling, the good news is that there is a pair of bikini briefs to flatter every size and figure. Whether it's a fuller bikini brief that offers you more coverage or something a little skimpier to accentuate different parts of your body, there is plenty of bikini bottom cuts to choose from.

Brazilian, mini, moderate, full, cheeky, hipster...these are just a few bikini bottom types you might come across when looking for your dream bikini.

But there lies the problem - it can be hard to choose the bikini bottom styles that suit you best. But no problem, our fashion experts are here to help with this extensive guide to all bikini bottom types and the most flattering bikini bottoms.

bikini bottom coverages explained

What Are Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Want to show off a bit more skin? As the name suggests, cheeky bikini bottoms show off some cheek. This bikini bottom cut's style has a distinct V-shape and offers less coverage than a standard bikini brief. Cheeky cut bikini bottoms are like the happy medium - somewhere between a thong and full-coverage bikini bottoms.

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If you're a gym bunny and love a good leg day, cheeky cut briefs might be perfect for you. Flirty but not too revealing, this is one of the best bikini bottom types for lounging in the sun, thanks to the fewer tan lines. What's even better is the V-shape reveals more of your backside, giving the illusion of longer, leaner legs.

bikini bottom styles

What Are Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

Sultry, fun, flirty, alluring...there are many adjectives to describe one of the world's sexiest bikini bottom types. Unlike V-shape cheeky bikini briefs, Brazilian bikini bottoms have a Y-shape cut. Compared to other bikini bottom types, Brazilian bikini bottoms have received considerable attention because of how much skin they reveal.

Today, Brazilian bikini bottoms are still banned in some of the more reserved parts of the world. Interesting fact - the Brazilian wax was a by-product of Brazilian bikini bottoms as the more risqué cut resulted in women needing to remove excess hair.

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If you love a bit of shock factor and are passionate and bold, Brazilian bikinis are ideal, especially if you like to leave little to the imagination. These bikini bottom cuts are also for beachgoers that take tanning seriously. Despite the minimal bikini bottom coverage Brazilian bikini briefs offer, this bikini cut adds shape to bottoms of all different shapes and sizes.

If you have an athletic build with a sculpted backside posterior, this is one of the best bikini bottom types to enhance your assets. To show off your natural curves even more, opt for Brazilian bikini bottoms that sit higher on the waist.

bikini bottom fits

What Are High-Waist Bikini Bottoms

We've embraced the return of retro-glam swimwear. The 40s were all about high-waist bikini bottoms that sit over the hips slightly above or below the belly button. High-waist bikini bottom styles can feature a low-leg cut that offers more coverage or a high-leg cut that gives a more contemporary feel.

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If you're looking for bikini bottom coverage styles that will conceal your tummy and create more waist definition, these are perfect. Since these bikini bottom styles visually shorten the body, they flatter ladies with longer torsos. When combined with a high-leg cut, they help elongate the legs.

most flattering bikini bottoms

What Are Tie-Side Bikini Bottoms

Wide ribbons, understated bow-ties, string ties, rhinestone embellished side ties...tie-side bikini bottoms come in a variety of designs and are one of the most adjustable and versatile bikini-bottom styles. These easy-fitting bikini briefs are also perfect for tanning - simply untie the sides and sunbathe without having to worry about tan lines.

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We love how tie-side bikini bottoms are so versatile when it comes to different body types. Tie-side bikini bottoms look great on slender women as their frames are accentuated by the minimalist design. You can even add more feminine curves by enhancing the hip area with wider ties. Conversely, curvy body types or plus-size women can also highlight their assets as side ties help streamline the figure.

What Are Boyshorts Bikini Bottoms

The revival of the 40s and 50s and retro fashion has meant the return of boyshorts. An instant classic, these bikini bottom styles, as the name suggests, are bikini bottoms in the form of shorts that sit just above the cheeks. As well as offering more coverage, they're also ideal for summertime activities like paddleboarding.

Boyshorts are some of the most flattering bikini bottoms for pear shapes as they offer more coverage. To add even more balance to your look, try accentuating your cleavage area with a halter-style bikini top.

What Are High Leg Bikini Bottoms

Thanks to Baywatch, Love Island, and the Kardashian clan, high-rise (or high-leg) bikini bottoms have found their place among some of the most coveted bikini bottom styles. These bikini briefs are known for their sky-scraping V-shape cut.

Petite? Then high-cut bikini bottoms are ideal as they naturally elongate the leg. These are also some of the most flattering bikini bottoms for thighs, as they have an amazing slimming effect. And if you're worried about your hips, fear not - by choosing high-leg bikini bottoms that sit on your mid-section, you also create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

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What Are Hipster Bikini Bottoms

Hugging the hips with a thick(ish) waistband, hipster bikini bottoms typically sit medium-to-low-rise. Compared to boyshorts, there's slightly less bum coverage, giving them more of an enigmatic effect and a flirty feel. Hipster bikini bottom types are also some of the easiest bottoms to mix and match bikini tops with thanks to their moderate coverage.

This bikini bottom style smooths the hips while showing off the entire stomach area. This swimsuit bottom style is perfect for you if you wish to add length to your torso area or balance wider hips.

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What Are Skirted Bikini Bottoms

The latest wild card for swimwear trends is the bikini bottom swim skirt. Wear this teeny miniskirt in place of classic bikini bottoms. With a distinct 50s vibe, these bikini bottoms are one of the most practical bikini bottoms because who needs even to wear a cover-up when you've already got a built-in skirt? Skirted bikini bottoms come in various styles that include tie sides, frilly skirts, and longer lengths.

Skirted briefs are flattering bikini bottoms that will accentuate your feminine curves. Perfect for poolside games and beach activities, skirted pants are stylish and help boost confidence.

What Are Fold Over Bikini Briefs

Fold-over bikini bottoms are perfect when it comes to pairing with halter bikini tops or bandeaus. With these bikini bottom types, the selling point is the adjustability of the fold-over shape, as this allows you to choose how high or low you'd like to wear them. For some amazing fold-over bikini bottom inspiration, check out the likes of Melissa Odabash.

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This contemporary bikini bottom style is perfect if you want to adjust how much coverage you want on the waist and hips, meaning that these will flatter most body types. Choose to highlight your waist and midriff or conceal it - the choice is yours!

What Are Micro Bikini Bottoms

Another trend that's popular with A-list celebrities and the Insta-famous is the micro bikini, AKA the thong, which is a super high-cut bikini bottom style that offers very little-to-no coverage. With its low-rise waist and very cheeky bottom, micro bikini bottoms raise the heat. The micro is one of the best bikini bottom types that will help keep tan lines at bay, making it a holiday essential.

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If you're confident enough to wear one of the most revealing bikini bottom cuts, HOLLA! Girl, go for it! You see women of all shapes and sizes wearing this bikini style, so as long as you're brave enough, just do it! One tip for wearing these teeny tiny bikini bottoms is to fake it - not with confidence, but with a fake tan - there's nothing more powerful than a subtle glow at the beginning of summer that makes all bikini bottom styles look better.

What Are Ruched Bikini Bottoms

Ruched bikini bottoms conjure up images of poolside sophistication. Vintage-inspired ruched swimsuits are some of the most sought-after bikini bottoms types at the moment. Sometimes ruching on swimsuits is purely for aesthetic purposes. Still, more often than not, strategically ruched areas, such as the tummy, sides, or bum, are there to get rid of unwanted lumps and bumps as this bikini bottom style doesn't dig into your body like regular bikini pants.

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If you're self-conscious about a specific part of your lower body and want to hide it, look for ruched bikini bottoms that help create smooth feminine curves and offer more coverage. Alternatively, if you want to enhance your bootie's curves, look for bikini bottoms with a slight ruched detail in the centre of the back of the bottoms that give a bubble-butt illusion.

Bikini Bottom Sizing

As well as getting the bikini bottom cuts right, sizing is super important, especially if you're purchasing your bikini bottoms online. To measure correctly, stand tall with your feet close together. Take a measuring tape and wrap it along the fullest area of your hips and bottom.

By doing this, you'll be able to get the right fit without worrying whether they're going to be too loose or too tight. Remember to always refer to the swimsuit size guide for different brands.

bikini bottom sizing
Bikini Coverage Guide

If the different bikini bottom types aren't enough - some bikinis brands refer to the coverage instead of the actual bikini brief style.

Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms

Made famous by Marilyn Monroe and other pin-up models, full-coverage bikini bottom styles cover as much area as possible without interfering with different activities or performance. These bikini bottom types have the highest rise at the waist area and the lowest leg cut, which scoops just under the butt.

Kiini, Seafolly, and ViX are just a few brands that specialize in the most flattering bikini bottoms for the tummy, bottom, and thighs. Fuller-coverage bikini bottoms hug you in all the right places, which also makes them perfect post-partum bikini bottoms.

Medium to Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms

Slightly less than full coverage bottoms, this bikini bottom cut gives moderate coverage that rounds across the bottom and has regular to high-cut leg openings. These bikini bottom coverage styles are ideal for surfing, beach volleyball, and water sports.

Medium Coverage Bikini Bottoms

Medium coverage bikini types offer a good balance between skin and bum coverage. Sitting diagonally across the bum area, good examples of medium coverage bikini bottoms are hipster bikini bottoms and high-leg high-waist bikini bottoms, which will allow you to transition from the pool to the beach in confidence easily.

Slim to Medium Coverage Bikini Bottoms

Cheeky and Brazilian bikini bottom types are good examples. They offer minimal-moderate coverage (depending on who's telling the story) while accentuating your figure without revealing too much.

Slim Coverage Bikini Bottoms

Dare to bare? These are the bikini bottom cuts that have minimal coverage, like the thong.

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There are a variety of bikini bottom types that range from full coverage to micro bikini bottoms. There's nothing worse than needing to constantly tug on your bikini bottoms to get them to stay where they should. If you follow our comprehensive bikini bottom style guide, you'll have a better idea, so don't let all the types of bikini bottom names put you off.

When choosing the right bikini bottom types for you, finding the right size is vital. But you also need to consider what cut and style you're most comfortable with. Do you want to flaunt your assets, or does exposing too much worry you? But remember this - self-confidence is the best outfit you'll ever wear!

Types of Bikini Bottoms Explained

What Are Cheeky Bikini Bottoms?

Cheeky Bikini Bottoms feature a flattering v-shaped cut that exposes the underside of the cheeks, these bottoms offer a perfect balance of minimal coverage and alluring style. With more coverage than thong and micro bikini bottoms, they're a go-to choice for those who want to make a statement without revealing too much.

What Are Brazilian Bikini Bottoms?

Brazilian cut bikini bottoms feature a high hip cut and a thick banded waist, these bottoms accentuate your curves, contour your body, and elongate your silhouette. With a daringly cheeky backside coverage, they beautifully showcase your assets while providing a confident and flattering fit.

What Are High-Waist Bikini Bottoms?

High-waisted bikini bottoms feature a flattering cut that sits above the navel, offering coverage and support. They are known for their tummy control benefits and create an elongating effect, enhancing your silhouette. Perfect for achieving a retro-chic look, these bottoms provide comfort and confidence. Elevate your swimwear collection with our high-waisted bikini bottoms for a stylish and timeless beach ensemble

What Are Tie-Side Bikini Bottoms?

Side tie bikini bottoms are a classic choice in swimwear. They encompass various sub-categories such as tanga and string bikinis, but their defining feature is the adjustable side ties. These bottoms typically sit on the hips and offer moderate coverage. With their timeless appeal and customizable fit, side tie bikini bottoms are a versatile option for beach and poolside outings.

What Are Boyshorts Bikini Bottoms?

Boyshort bikini bottoms feature a traditionally boxy and tight-fitting swim short style. Modern versions have evolved with rounded silhouettes and shorter lengths, offering a stylish twist to this classic swimwear choice.

What Are High Leg Bikini Bottoms?

High leg bikini bottoms are designed with a higher cut on the hips, elongating the legs for a flattering look. They can be either high-waisted or sit on the hips, providing moderate to minimal coverage while accentuating your legs..

What Are Hipster Bikini Bottoms?

Hipster bikini bottoms don't have anything to do with Brooklyn baristas but rather a sporty, athletic bikini bottom. Most versions will sit at the waist, feature thick waistbands and provide moderate to full coverages.

What Are Skirted Bikini Bottoms?

Skirted bikini bottoms are a rare find these days, but modern updates offer skirted accents for a flirty touch and a bit more coverage. Available in various coverage levels, they add a touch of femininity to your swimwear

What Are Ruched Bikini Bottoms?

Ruched bikini bottoms are stylish swimwear bottoms that feature gathered or pleated fabric along the back or sides, creating a flattering and textured look. The ruching adds dimension and enhances the curves, making them a popular choice for those who want to accentuate their figure while enjoying comfortable and versatile swimwear.

What Are Fold Over Bikini Briefs?

Fold over bikini briefs feature a versatile design with a foldable waistband that can be adjusted to different heights. This allows for customizable coverage and style, making them a popular choice among those who prefer flexibility in their swimwear.

What Are Micro Bikini Bottoms?

These daring swimwear bottoms are all about minimal coverage and maximum confidence. Designed with a narrow cut and barely-there fabric, they're perfect for those who love to make a bold fashion statement.

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