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2022 Valentine’s Day Date Inspiration & Men’s Valentine’s Outfit Guide

| Victoria Zurakowski

2022 Valentine’s Day Date Inspiration & Men’s Valentine’s Outfit Guide

Valentine's Day Date and Outfit Ideas for Men

Love is in the air, and it's getting closer to your Valentine's Day date. If you're planning a surprise Valentine's Day in Dubai for your partner, you're in luck - there are plenty of romantic venues in Dubai to choose from, depending on what you and your other half enjoy. We're answering the 'where, what, what' of Valentine's Day 2022. Where to go, what to wear and what to give so no excuses, gentlemen!

From romantic beach dinners to hiring a suite in the desert, we've got you covered when it comes to Valentine's Day date ideas. Not only this, if your wife or girlfriend is fashion-forward and always looks the part when it comes to going out - don't worry. We've got your back with some men's Valentine's outfits that won't let her down - or, more importantly, show her up. And if you're in need of a last minute Valentine's day gift, we've got you covered there too with 3 hour delivery anywhere in Dubai or pop in one of our shops for personalised service.

Valentine's Day Date

Where To Go: AMMOS Greek Restaurant

Plato once said, "Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods." So, even since ancient Greece, love has had a special place in society, so why not take your Valentine's Day date to AMMOSE Greek restaurant that brings together everything Greek to create a romantic and unforgettable experience? Experience Greek hospitality at its finest and enjoy a set Valentine's Day date menu that includes oysters, lobster, sea bream, and other delectable seafood.

What To Wear: Keep It Casual

Are you stuck on ideas for men's Valentine's outfits? If she's the type to channel her inner Greek Goddess and go all Santorini on you in white, you need to match her style. To create a contrast, opt for a blend of slightly darker colours. A fitted navy tee creates a casual yet updated look when paired with cropped camel chinos and loafers. Brown and Gold accessories are your friend with this warm palette.

What To Give: Wrapped Bracelets

Wrapped bracelets are this year's stacked bracelets. That's to say, they're totally trending. Sara Lashay's new collection of wrapped bracelets are all handmade, statement pieces. If your lady love is all about accessories, she'll definitely appreciate the originality behind this gift.

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Where To Go: Bombay Borough

If you're looking for a bit of spice and want to go on a culinary adventure for your 2022 Valentine's Day date in Dubai, Bombay Borough is celebrating everything love-related vegan-style with a unique 7-course dining experience. Whether you're vegan or not, this Pan-Indian menu is the perfect way for couples looking for different Valentine's Day date ideas in Dubai. Spice Wine Poached Drumsticks with Pepper Cheese and Citrus and Fennel Sorbet are just a few of the delicious dishes you and your partner will get to sample.

And if you're not into vegan food, this Dubai bar's Instagram-worthy interior will help you capture some great keepsake photos.

Insider tip: the Salted Caramel and Filter Coffee Bailey's Martini is also worth ordering.

What To Wear: Linen Is Lovely

If your Valentine's Day date is fun and vibrant and loves to wear bright colours, and you're looking for some worthy men's Valentine's outfits to match, let her take centre stage and keep your outfit low-key with a white linen shirt over a pair of light-coloured pants. Wear it untucked with a quarter sleeve roll for a nonchalant look. Men in Dubai can never go wrong with quality leather sandals.

What To Give: Not Another Basic Scarf

A luxury scarf is always a welcomed present, no matter the season. Even more so when you can wear it as a top and cover up! It also happens to be a romantic gift idea that your Valentine's Day date is going to love, especially if she's all about colour, patterns and embellishments.

Where To Go: C Grill Restaurant & Terrace

If you're looking to ignite some romance with your 2022 Valentine's Day date in Dubai, you need to find a romantic experience that's extra special. Enjoy a private Valentine's Day dining experience poolside at C Grill Restaurant & Terrace with the most spectacular beach backdrop. You and your Valentine's Day date will be treated to impeccable one-on-one service and a four-course menu accompanied by a glass of bubbly.

What To Wear: Jacket Not Required But Recommended

This is a great chance for you and your lady to dress up midday. If she's going to abide by daytime resort wear rules, she'll likely opt for a mid-maxi-length dress of some variety. There are several ways in which you can go with your Valentine's Day outfits for men, but we guarantee one look she's bound to love - a navy-fitted admiral-style blazer over a pair of tailored white pants. Sunglasses are your chance to shine (pun intended) so take a chance with something bold.

What To Give: Handmade Means Heartfelt

It doesn't matter if she has a million bags, we guarantee she doesn't have one like this. Aranaz bags are meticulously crafted by hand using natural materials and techniques that have been passed down for generations. Each bag is a labour of love, a reflection of taste and a statement of style. The best part? It's guaranteed to fit her perfectly.

Where To Go: Joe's Backyard Gastropub

Whether you and your partner prefer a more laidback, fun Valentine's Day date in Dubai or you're going out as a group of friends, Joe's Backyard Gastropub is always a good choice because Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily have to be all lovey-dovey. For a fun-filled night with a bit of an "anti-Valentine's Day" twist in Dubai, enjoy some of your favourite gastropub specials like Scotch eggs, chicken liver pate, brisket sliders and an extended happy hour while being quizzed by the hosts about how you know each other.

What To Wear: Keep It Classic

When it comes to men's Valentine's outfits for gastropubs, almost anything goes no matter what she wears. We love the classic white tee with blue jeans look - it's versatile, easy to wear, and subtly stylish - a classic for a reason. Your denim choice should complement your shoes. Raw denim goes well with trainers but metallic washes look great with chukka boots.

What To Give: Comfy Is A Vibe

If you're taking your lady to a gastropub for Valentine's day, you've either made a grave error in judgement or she's a pretty laidback chick. Keep that theme going with her gift - loungewear isn't just for the couch anymore. This super trendy loungewear set from Araminta James is made of fluffy, terry loop cotton (think Turkish bath towels) and is size friendly - elastic waistbands and oversized 'boyfriend' fits mean you'll look like a hero for getting her the perfect Valentine's Day present.

Where To Go: Vero @ The Hilton

So, it may not be the Amalfi Coast, but it may as well be. Vero is one of Dubai's newest restaurants that set the scene for the most romantic Valentine's Day date. Dine alfresco on the expansive terrace under the iconic Dubai sunset and enjoy the traditional flavours of the Italian coast that focus on fresh seafood and other Italian favourites. You and your Valentine's Day date will be able to dine on an impressive range of pizzas and pasta dishes, including one of its signature dishes, Pizza Carpaccina - a crispy-style pizza with mouth-watering beef carpaccio, peppery rocket, Grana Padano cheese, and black truffle oil. But make sure you leave enough room to finish your meal on a sweet note with the restaurant's traditional Italian desserts like Cannoli and Tiramisu.

What To Wear: Business Casual Not Just For Business

Your Valentine's Day date may want to dress to reflect the casual yet sophisticated charm of the Italian coast. In this case, there are several Valentine's Day outfits for men to choose from, but you can't go wrong with a deconstructed jacket, which can easily be styled up or dressed down depending on your accessories. If you're feeling extra debonair, throw on a classic hat that is an integral part of an Italian man's style.

What To Give: Eye Heart You Tote

If you're spending all your dinero on dinner, or your paramour is just a bit more bohemian beatnik than glamour girl, you can't go wrong with this budget friendly, handpainted beach tote by Carnival Artisan. Sure it's a bit on the nose, but what better occasion to give a handwoven bag with eyes and hearts painted on?

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Where To Go: Al Maha Resort

If you want to go all out and impress your Valentine's Day date, treat them to a surprise staycation - in the desert! Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa is an unrivalled, luxury 5-star hotel set amid the impressive dunes of the Arabian desert and hidden away in a lush oasis. A chauffeur will escort you and your Valentine's Day date to your private Bedouin-style tent for a gourmet dinner. Al Maha won't disappoint when it comes to Valentine's Day date ideas with its stunning and incredibly romantic sunrises, hot-air balloon rides, Bedouin-inspired suites, and an infinity pool.

What To Wear: Sporty Yet Stylish

So, what does one wear to a desert? There are Valentine's Day outfits for men, and then there are Valentine's Day outfits for the desert. She'll likely come with an entire wardrobe for all those Insta-worthy moments, and a simple A-line midi dress is bound to feature. To complement your Arabian princess and beat the desert heat, go for a casual style aesthetic. We love the denim shirt look with a pair of tapered joggers (cargo pocket optional). Don't forget to pack a jacket for the cool desert nights.

What To Give: Satin Sleep Set

Pamper her with a better night's sleep with a Satin Sleep Set that will improve her sleep quality and help her feel more rested. The silky smooth satin helps manage bed head (less friction means less snags) and the matching eye mask and scrunchie are just super cute.

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Venturing off the beaten path? Check out our full range of women's fashion accessories for the perfect last minute Valentine's Day gift and buy with confidence! Returns are free for all UAE orders within 14 days of purchase. Happy Valentine's Day!

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