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12 Stocking Filler Ideas For Her She Will Actually Love in 2021

| Victoria Zurakowski

12 Stocking Filler Ideas For Her She Will Actually Love in 2021

Updated November 2021

Discover the Perfect Stocking Fillers For Her

Christmas is around the corner (yes, we know! How is this even possible?), which only means one thing – it’s shopping time! You’ve already splurged on a luxe Temptation Positano dress for your mum, perhaps a cute Ibiza Sunset dress for your sister. Now it's time to think about the smaller details, namely those stocking filler ideas for her.

Shopping for those bigger Christmas presents is much easier because let's face it, who doesn't write an exhaustive Christmas gift wish list these days? It’s usually the stocking filler ideas people get stuck on. Socks for stocking gifts are a classic filler, but it’s also an unimaginative present, especially when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for women and girls. You also can’t go wrong with a nice scented candle, but you’ve probably already exhausted that idea as well. So why not think outside the box for your 2021 Christmas stocking filler ideas for ladies and girls?

At Sand Dollar Dubai we are not just your average luxury beachwear store. We boast a slew of exciting and unique stocking filler ideas for women and girls of all ages from cute understated hair accessories to tech accessories to beauty products to sunglasses. Here's a round-up of the unique stocking stuffer ideas for those special women and girls in your life. You’re welcome!

stocking filler ideas for women 2020

1. Intex Beach Ball

Does your little princess love the beach? Well, she’ll have a ton of fun with this inflatable beach ball that will entertain her for hours on end. This is a fun girl stocking filler idea as it easily folds down into her Christmas stocking.

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2. Le Pom Pom Ombre Pink Earphones

Teenage girls and stocking fillers - this is a notoriously difficult one to get right! But what teen doesn’t love music? For some audio awesomeness, our handmade Le Pom Pom headphones in ombre pink make for the perfect stocking filler present for teenage girls. With clear boho beach vibes, help your special someone to carry sun, surf, sand, and music wherever she goes.

stocking filler ideas for women

3. Kitsch Gold Clip

When it comes to hero stocking stuffer ideas for women and girls, you can’t go wrong with a stylish hair accessory. 2021 has been the year of the statement hair clip – they've run rampant on runways around the world and continue to do so, with hair accessory predictions for 2021 being even bigger and bolder. For the classy woman or girl in your life, who likes to add an edge to her look, this beautiful gold-toned hair clip win you some serious Christmas stocking filler points.

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4. Marie Vigue Bohemi Multi Bracelet White Crystal

This understated white crystal and bead bracelet from Marie Vigue is pretty and sparkly enough without being OTT. This is the perfect boho-inspired Christmas stocking filler idea for women and girls who see themselves as wild, wicked and free!

stocking filler ideas for women

5. Marie Vigue Shell Statement Bracelet

Life is far too short to wear boring jewellery. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with jewellery related stocking filler ideas for women. We guarantee she’ll adore these unique statement shell statement bracelets from Marie Vigue that will help her win some serious Christmas style points at the annual Christmas party.

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6. Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil SPF6

Our best selling product is back for the holidays! Is she obsessed with the best beauty products out there? Does she covet that enviable sun-kissed glow? This Bali Body watermelon tanning oil is a great beauty stocking filler idea for women and teenage girls alike. Help her achieve a flawless, and more importantly natural- looking tan that smells of summer because there’s nothing better than a glowing winter tan during the party season.

7. Kitsch Silk Pillowcase

After a stressful year, we all deserve a bit of pampering and sleep. Treat her to a better night’s sleep with some silk pillowcases that will help her elevate her rest and beauty regime. The clean, silky sleep surface will help improve both skin and hair health, making her feel even more beautiful.

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8. Kitsch Face Mask

Who would have thought that the face mask would become a fashionable accessory? When it comes to fashion, every style queen knows there’s a mask for every outfit. And if she doesn’t, let her take inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge who regularly is seen matching her mask to her outfit of the day! You can’t go wrong with these ladies’ stocking filler ideas.

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9. SD Basics Wet Bikini Bag

The smell of the ocean never gets old for some. If you’ve got a special lady or girl in your life who loves the beach, this SD Basics bikini bag is the perfect stocking filler idea for her because there’s nothing worse than throwing a wet swimsuit into your regular bag!

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10. Pared Charlie & The Angels Havana Sunglasses

If she’s a bit of a fashionista and loves attention to detail and the finer things in life, she’ll love this Charlie & The Angels Havana sunglasses from Pared. So if she sees herself as a bit of a Beyonce or Gigi Hadid (who’ve both been spotted in Pared sunglasses), why not splash out because this is one of the best stocking filler ideas for women who love anything fashion-related.

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11. Coti Vision Sunglasses Chain

Sunglasses chains are no longer the geeky accessory. In fact, they’re proving to be one of the must-have beach-cum-summer accessories that all women are coveting, so help her get on trend and ahead of the game with a unique handmade sunglasses chain that will easily slip into a Christmas stocking for her

Sunglasses Chain

12. Printfresh Bagheera Short Sleep Set  

What’s Christmas without getting a new pair of pyjamas? Forget novelty Christmas pyjamas - that’s not what she wants. Instead, gift her with a pair of cheetah printed pyjamas from Printfresh that will transport her to those mysterious Old Delhi backstreets where artists spend their time intricately painting stylised cheetahs and other animals. This pyjama set is taking luxury stocking filler ideas for women to the next level!

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Yes, Christmas stocking stuffers may be considerably smaller Christmas gifts, but it doesn’t mean they have to be boring and meaningless. Whether you’re looking for unique small present ideas for your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, or friend, at Sand Dollar Dubai we have you covered. Browse our unique range of small Christmas stocking stuffer fillers ideas today to find that perfect gift she will actually love.

And if you’re really stuck, sometimes a gift card for Christmas is just as perfect.

Merry Christmas from the Sand Dollar Team!

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