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Find The Perfect Summer Jumpsuit For Your Body Type

| Victoria Zurakowski

Find The Perfect Summer Jumpsuit For Your Body Type

Follow These Tips To Find The Perfect Summer Jumpsuit  

Jumpsuits are a ready-made outfit. They’re also incredibly versatile and very en vogue this summer. Jumpsuits are permeating fashion features, catwalks, and the streets of some of the most fashionable cities, Dubai included.

The pandemic has a lot to answer for, but one thing it did was it helped us simplify things – fashion being no exception.

This season we will see a multitude of summer jumpsuits for women on the streets. Casual jumpsuits will be everywhere, which will help you create an instant no-stress outfit with just one piece – it’s just like a multipurpose onesie, only better! It’s no wonder that women’s jumpsuits are quite often the go-to outfit to match every occasion.

From 70s-inspired floral print jumpsuits to animal print jumpsuits to the flirty playsuit versions – there are summer jumpsuits for every woman. Yes, it would seem that jumpsuits for women are getting the exposure they deserve.

At Sand Dollar Dubai, we love how versatile and flattering these one-piece wonders are, but we also understand that many women shy away from this easy all-in-one outfit in the fear of it not looking right.

But as we mentioned before, there is a jumpsuit for every woman and every body type, whether that be a cotton jumpsuit or a wide-legged one – it’s just a matter of knowing what looks right on you, which is why we’ve collated some of our favourite summer jumpsuits for 2021 to suit every shape.

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Pear Shaped

One of the most distinctive features of a pear-shaped body is a smaller bust line and a broader hip and thigh area. Most pear-shaped women want to draw less attention to their lower bodies to create more balance. Try offsetting your upper body and flashing your collarbones, shoulders, or both – think off-the-shoulder, spaghetti strap, and corset top jumpsuits

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Apple Shaped

An apple-shaped woman’s upper body is bigger than her lower, so like a pear-shaped woman she needs to find summer jumpsuits that balance this out. Blouson-style summer jumpsuits and V-neck cut playsuits and jumpsuits are ideal, as both of these styles help slim down the bust line area. To help create even more balance, opt for either a narrow-legged fit or a casual jumpsuit with a cropped hemline.

Hour Glass

Hourglass figures are perhaps the easiest to dress and as long as the individual woman has confidence, it’s likely she can effortlessly pull off most outfits, including most jumpsuits for women. If you’ve been blessed with a curvy hourglass figure, try accentuating your curves even more with a narrow waist jumpsuit.

Straight Bodied

Ask your straight-bodied female friends what they’d love to change about their bodies, and many would tell you their desire to have more curves. Luckily, if you’ve got a penchant for summer jumpsuits, you’re in luck – several jumpsuit styles help create the illusion of more curves. And if you love frills and ruffles, you’re in even more luck, as this is one of the best ways to add a bit more definition to your frame. Keep the embellishments to the upper part of the body and avoid unnecessary excess fabric on the bottom.

Jumpsuits For Tall Women

Taller frames can pull off wearing more fabric without being swamped. Wide-legged jumpsuits for women look amazing on longer legs, especially when paired with summery sandals. If you wish to play up your height and elongate your body further, look for V-neck cuts that show off the right amount of skin.

Sumer Jumpsuits For Petite Women

Petite women often struggle when trying to find the right jumpsuit for their body type. Navigating all the folds, drapes and wide-legged pants can seem like a formidable task. The key is not to swamp your figure, which means steering clear of shapeless jumpsuits. Instead, opt for a cut that has more shape that will hug your figure and accentuate areas that need emphasizing – spaghetti straps and corseted jumpsuits are your friends.

summer jumpsuit for women

How To Wear Jumpsuits

A quick Google search using the keyword “jumpsuit” will quickly tell you one of the biggest reservations women have about jumpsuits is knowing how to wear jumpsuits.

Casual jumpsuits are easier. Throw on some strappy sandals or flip flops and grab your favourite tote and you’re good to go. But how can you make summer jumpsuits appropriate for any setting?

Here are a few ways that you can make your summer jumpsuits work for you, any day of the week, anywhere.


Summer jumpsuits can work well for work and networking if you opt for a tailored version. You can make it appear even smarter with those 'office acceptable colours like black and navy. Windowpane patterns and pinstripes are equally fitting. Show them you mean business and team your jumpsuit with a tailored blazer and a pair of killer heels or ankle boots.


For a night of cocktails and fun with your friends, add a touch of glamour with different fabrics like poly chiffon and open back jumpsuits. Create the ultimate trendy look by adding a pair of metallic embellished sandals, an embellished clutch, and a long necklace.

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Weekend Brunch

Weekends are for brunching and wearing summer jumpsuits, which means getting the right balance between a dressy and casual jumpsuit. Flirty florals and feminine prints are perfect for a casual Prosseco-fuelled brunch with the girls. Dress down to add more of a street edge with some white platform trainers.

Date Night

Summer jumpsuits for date nights? Hell yeah! One foolproof way of adding a touch of sex appeal to a jumpsuit look is by opting for black – there’s just something sultry and mysterious about black. Black jumpsuits with plunging neckline look amazing with long earrings and subtle bling. Wearing the hair down is a must as are a pair of cute kitten heels or mules.

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Red Carpet

These days, stars are swapping their OTT princess dresses that feature far too much tulle for some badass jumpsuits. And if the stars can wear summer jumpsuits to formal events, so can you. Luxurious silk and mixed prints are a match made in heaven and will help you get red carpet ready in no time. Oh, and don’t forget your bling!

Summer jumpsuits are the unrivalled outfit this season. Cotton jumpsuits, silk jumpsuits, and culottes-jumpsuits…at Sand Dollar Dubai we’ve got a jumpsuit with your name on it. How will you wear yours?

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