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<h1><font size="5">From Ocean Waste to Eco Fashion</font></h1>

| Anna Jasper

From Ocean Waste to Eco Fashion

Our Earth is in danger. The planet is getting hotter, the ice caps are melting and the oceans are rising, all because of humanities impact on the environment. One of the biggest environmental threats we face is from plastic in our oceans. In addition to clogging our seas; abandoned fishing gear, microplastics and other kinds of plastic are being dumped in the oceans threatening the survival of all marine life. Scarily, plastic is in so much of what we use every day, including what we wear, making us all partly responsible for this global disaster.

Millions of garments are discarded every year as we are encouraged to ditch the latest ‘fast-fashion’ styles for the next new trend. The figures are eye-watering, Britons spend £52.7bn a year on fashion, according to the government-backed Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap). With £47.4bn going on clothing while £4.5bn is spent on accessories…and these figures continue to rise.

Following a United Nations initiative in October 2018, 250 major brands, including fashion brands, pledged to cut single-use plastics from their supply chains and replace them with natural or recycled materials to reduce their environmental impact.

Sarah Wilkinson and Nicci Chalmers, co-founders of ‘Cosmo Crew’ are doing more than just hoping on the bandwagon, and their ethical brand offers a conscious choice for progressive parents.

Australian born, long-time Asian adventurers, Sarah and Nicci joined forces to create Cosmo Crew for the mini global adventurer. They are passionate about making an environmental change and building a sustainable brand that brings childhood back to raw basics.

From their products to their packaging, Cosmo Crew is striving to minimise their environmental footprint by using recycled materials and ensuring products are made ethically. Aside from their beach shorts, which are made from 100% organic cotton, Cosmo Crew products are created with Italian Carvico, which is a combination of Econyl and Lycra Xtra Life. Econyl is a sustainable fabric made from recycled fibres such as abandoned fishing nets and plastic bottles recovered from our oceans. So, fishing nets and plastic bottles can now become your hottest new swimwear…

Check out the Cosmo Crew range here!

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