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<h1><font size="5">Your 5 Best Beach Essentials</font></h1>

Your 5 Best Beach Essentials

| Anna Jasper
Your 5 Best Beach Essentials - Whether it’s a beach vacay or a day trip, other than what you’re wearing make sure you carry these 5 stylish essentials. 1. A funky towel Ok so you might think we’re stating the obvious here but picture it… you emerge from a cooling dip only to find that the current...
<h1><font size="5">Keep your shorts on!</font></h1>

Keep your shorts on!

| Anna Jasper
Keep your shorts on! The explosion of plastic products over the last 7 decades has been extraordinary; to the point where we now simply cannot now live without them. The world is producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic every year, half of which is for single use, and more than 8 million tons...
<h1><font size="5">Cute swimwear for you and your mini-me!</font></h1>

Cute swimwear for you and your mini-me!

| Anna Jasper
Cute swimwear for you and your mini-me! - Mummy & me trends are nothing new, in fact matchy-matchy outfits have been cycling in and out of fashion for over a century – though the styles may have changed somewhat! Thanks to A-listers including Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon and the queen of fashi...