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Christmas in Dubai: Gift Ideas for Stylish Men

Christmas in Dubai: Gift Ideas for Stylish Men

| Sarah Estelle Puleston
Planning to celebrate Christmas in style in Dubai this year? If you own a second home here (or are lucky enough to live here year-round!), then you already know what a wonderful place it is to spend the festive season. But if it’s just a visit you’re planning, we can ...
<h1><font size="5">To SPF or not to SPF?</font></h1>

To SPF or not to SPF?

| Lucy Gibson
We’re reminded every day to wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays to prevent sunburn, premature ageing and more importantly, decrease the risk of skin cancer. So, if it’s drilled into us constantly why would any of us even consider not using it? Well that has to do wi...
<h1><font size="5">Strike it rich on the beach!</font></h1>

Strike it rich on the beach!

| Lucy Gibson
Next time you’re walking on a stretch of warm sandy beach don’t stare at the sky, check between your toes, you may strike it rich and find a sand dollar! OK, so I’m not talking rich in the traditional sense, but some people love collecting special treasures from the ocean. Like our Founder Lucy, ...
<h1><font size="5">From Ocean Waste to Eco Fashion</font></h1>

From Ocean Waste to Eco Fashion

| Anna Jasper
Our Earth is in danger. The planet is getting hotter, the ice caps are melting and the oceans are rising, all because of humanities impact on the environment. One of the biggest environmental threats we face is from plastic in our oceans. In addition to clogging our seas; abandoned fishing gear, ...