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Must-Have iPhone Apps To Make Your Life Easier In Dubai

| Victoria Zurakowski

Must-Have iPhone Apps To Make Your Life Easier In Dubai

Top 10 Must-Have Apps for iPhone in Dubai

There are apps you need on your phone, and then there are the must-have apps you should have on your iPhone. To say there are several important apps to have on your iPhone is an understatement. According to Statista, at the beginning of 21, Android users had access to around 3.48 million mobile apps and Apple users, 2.22, which bodes the question where does one even start?

apps you should have on your iPhone

So, what does this mean for you as a mum looking for apps to make life easier? To be honest, you could probably do with an app to help you navigate all your app options. But the truth remains - there are apps you should have on your iPhone that will help you find your way through the fast-paced (not to mention crazy) life of modern-day parenting, which is why we've done the research for you and curated a list of the top 10 must-have apps for iPhone in Dubai.

1. Kidzapp

A list of must-have apps would not be complete without a Dubai-created app for parents. Kidzapp was born out of frustration and not knowing what to do with kids in Dubai. If you're fed up with always having to look for things to do with your kids in Dubai, Kidzapp is the answer. .

Connecting you with the best kids' activities in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, Kidzapp has 2500+ experiences, 1000+ classes, and 500+ events. Your kids will never complain they're bored again.

2. Play:Date

Another Dubai-created app for moms and dads is Play:Date - an interactive platform that takes your child's (and your own) social circle from zero to hero. The concept is simple - pop in your search preferences and filter anything from age to gender to interests to location to find children and parents matching your requirements.

Parenting can be hard, especially while living abroad, so this is a great way to create social opportunities and mommy meetups. The possibilities are endless, making Play:Date one of the apps you should have on your iPhone.

must-have phone apps for mums

3. Mama Me

Like Tinder, but for mums, Mama Me, another Dubai-created app, is one of the important apps to have on your iPhone for moms and moms-to-be. Described as an app that connects like-minded women, Mama Me is for Dubai-based women who don't necessarily have the support of family or friends when they face a parenting challenge or have a question. A simple swipe to the right will connect you with other like-minded mums, making it easy for you to form your support network quickly.

So, why is this one of the essential apps to have on your iPhone instead of just simply creating a standard WhatsApp group? While the latter is great, it does have limitations. Another reason why Mama ME is a must-have app for mums in Dubai is that it also takes away the fear of rejection that could easily happen on a social media group.  

4. CherryPix

We're all guilty of snapping loads of photos of our kids and then not doing anything with them other than sharing the odd one or two in the family WhatsApp group, which is where another Dubai-created app for parents comes in handy.  

important apps to have on your iPhone

Being one of the top 10 must-have apps for your iPhone, CherryPix, as the name suggests, allows you to cherry-pick your favourite snaps and preserve the memories by creating high-quality, personalized photo books, framed prints, calendars, and more within a matter of minutes. Thanks to this Dubai photo app, you'll be able to cherish those special moments.

This leading Dubai app is the app that just keeps giving, as it also allows you to create meaningful gifts for your loved ones, meaning that Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and the rest are sorted for the foreseeable - it's a win-win! .  

5. Mumzworld

Need a new pram? Looking for a unique wooden toddler plate? How about kiddy luggage? Whatever you're looking for for your kids, you can be quite certain that Mumzworld is your one-stop-shop for everything mother, baby, and child. Forget searching X-X-number of sites to find the ultimate bargain - Mumzworld has it all and more, including the best prices in the region.

6. Justmop

Cleaning is a massive chore at the best of times - and with kids, it's a colossal job. Plus, who wants to spend all day cleaning when you could be hanging out with your family? Justmop is one of the apps you should have on your iPhone if you want a last-minute cleaner. But don't be fooled by the name - it certainly isn't just mopping. Here you'll also find a range of other last-minute services like packers and movers, spa treatments, and handypersons.

7. Talabat

The restaurant scene in Dubai is out of this world, but sometimes visiting one with small kids is near impossible. Whether it's kids throwing tantrums, it's past their bedtimes, or you're just too tired to go out, let the good food come to you instead. A must-have app for parents in Dubai, Talabat isn't just for ordering takeout - actual real restaurants are providing high-quality real food through one space.

8. Kiddo

Every mom loves to take their kids to do activities. Painting, soccer, Easter egg hunts, Brownies, MMA...there's no denying that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of different activities for kids in Dubai, but they all come at a cost. And when you have more than one child, you've got double (and sometimes triple) the amount to pay. 

top 10 must-have apps for iPhone

Kiddo was born out of this frustration. This is one of the top 10 must-have apps for your iPhone if you want to find an activity your child will like without breaking the bank. Check out events and activities near you via the search function and pop in the max you'd like to spend. You'll be empowered, and your kids will be enabled. 

9. Careem

Sometimes, life can get in the way, making it difficult for moms to do regular everyday mom things, such as dropping off the kids and picking them up from school or to one of their many afterschool activities. Careem is a car-hailing service that can transport your children safely from A to B. And thanks to the live GPS tracking and instant contact with the driver, you can guarantee that your children will be taken care of and delivered and picked up from wherever. Another reason why this is one of the apps to have on your phone is that they also deliver food, which is always a bonus. 

apps to have on your phone

10. RTA Dubai

Driving and getting around Dubai challenges some of the best drivers, and when you've got kids in tow, it's even more of a pain. But thanks to RTA's (Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai), you can do almost anything transport and road-related. Want to book a taxi? Easy! Where's the nearest metro? Turn left and walk for 3 minutes. Need to calculate the fare? RTA has the answer.

But that's not all, RTA is one of the apps you should have on your iPhone if you're driving - you can instantly find out where the nearest hospital is in an emergency, where the nearest and most convenient petrol station is, you can even get mobile parking tickets without getting out of your car. This must-have app for mums in Dubai means you won't have to try and juggle navigating your way around Dubai and watching your kids at the same time or having to stand in the scorching heat to get a parking ticket - getting around Dubai with children has never been easier!

must-have phone apps for mums in Dubai

All moms deserve a medal. Whether they're wiping snotty noses or comforting their kids while teething, it's usually the mom who must tackle such kiddie issues. It can be tiresome work, but thanks to technology and these apps on your iPhone, you can save time, money, and most importantly, stress!

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